Days after the release of 92 Yemeni fishermen…..Eritrea releases 70 fishermen

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 06 September 2023

Days after the release of 92 Yemeni fishermen…..Eritrea releases 70 fishermen

Wednesday, September 06, 2023 at 06:00 am (Ain Al-Mahra || Follow-up)

On Tuesday, the Eritrean authorities released 70 Yemeni fishermen who had been arrested in the Red Sea, days after the release of 92 fishermen.

The head of the Al-Khokha Fish Association, Khaled Al-Zarnouki, said that this release comes days after Eritrea released 100 other fishermen, all of whom were detained in the “Termah” camp

Al-Zarnouki said it was likely that the fishermen would return tonight on a boat that was funded with fuel by the governor of Hodeidah Governorate, Al-Hassan Taher.

He explained that the arrests to which fishermen were subjected during two days were the largest of their kind, and that they harmed the livelihood of thousands of Yemeni families.

According to the testimonies of some fishermen, the Eritrean forces are committing continuous violations against the fishermen, during their detention in their prisons, in addition to confiscating their boats and what they possess.


While 44 are still in Eritrean prisons.. 73 Yemeni fishermen arrive at Al-Khawkha

The head of the Al-Khawkha Fish Association, Khaled Al-Zarnouki, confirmed the arrival of 73 Yemeni fishermen to the Al-Khawkha District in Hodeidah Governorate, on Wednesday afternoon, after the Eritrean authorities released them from the Tarma camp.

Al-Zarnouki said that 44 other fishermen are still being held in that camp, according to the testimonies of the released fishermen, which means that the number of fishermen detained by Eritrea during the month of September amounted to 117 fishermen. 

Yemeni fishermen are subjected to continuous violations by Eritrea, which prevents them from carrying out their activities in the waters of the Red Sea

بعد أيام من الافراج عن 92 صياداً يمنيًا…..إريتريا تفرج عن 70 ...

الإفراج عن 70 صياد يمني

إريتريا تعتزم الإفراج عن 70 صياداً يمنياً بعد أيام على إطلاق ...