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Eritrea EmbassyMedia sent you a video: "ERI TV: Yared Tesfay Interview on Cultural Diplomacy!"

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Wednesday, 22 February 2017

"ERI TV: Yared Tesfay Interview on Cultural Diplomacy!"

Eritrea EmbassyMedia sent you a video: "ERI TV: Yared Tesfay Interview on Cultural Diplomacy!"
Eritrea EmbassyMedia has shared a video with you on YouTube
Art can be instrumental in shaping the tone and nature of intercultural relations. It provides, on the one hand, a medium through which cultural heritage and identity can be experienced and interpreted.
Since everyone can partake in creating and enjoying art, it is a powerful tool that can be used to raise awareness and understanding of issues, promote dialogue, and establish bonds between individuals of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. The shared experience of creating and experiencing art is one that can establish sincere human relationships; relationships that cannot be broken by the words or actions of others.
ERI TV: Yared Tesfay Interview on Cultural Diplomacy!
Eritrea’s history is a story shared in the music of Eritrea past and new. During the struggle for independence, music & drama were used for education, mobilization and it was a means of expressing the hopes, pains and suffering of the people of Eritrea. After Independence, music played a vital role in mobilizing support for the rehabilitation and development of Eritrea. Once again, Eritreans continue to rely on their own ingenuity and resources to rebuild their country from scratch and they have made remarkable progress, unparalleled in many of post independence Africa. Throughout history the interaction of peoples, the exchange of language, ideas, arts and societal structures have consistently improved relations between divergent groups. No longer relegated to the periphery of the international relations discipline, cultural diplomacy today is a vibrant and innovative academic field of research and has successfully established itself as a stand-alone theory and practice....
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