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Tropicale Amissa Bongo Stage#7: Eritrean Meron Abraham wins in Libreville

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 05 March 2017

ABRAHAM Meron (ERI) wins the stage between OWENDO and LIBREVILLE

Published on March 5, 2017 at 15:40

Meron Abraham wins in Libreville, Yohann Gène takes back his crown

A week after the departure of Moanda in southeast Gabon, the platoon joined Libreville, the town of arrival of the Tropical Amissa Bongo, along the northwest coast of the country. With the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop, Yohann Gene won the African race for the second time in his career.

Winner of the 5th stage, the Guadeloupean managed to keep his yellow jersey until Sunday. Despite the victory of Meron Abraham in the sprint, it hangs a second title to its list, four years after the first one.

An inevitable sprint in Libreville

The traditional morning break, made up of seven riders, could do nothing: this last day of racing was to end with a massive sprint. In this game, the Eritrean Meron Abraham was the fastest. Three weeks after his continental title in the team time trial, the young 21-year-old confirms his progress with a first individual victory in the pros.

At 35 years old, Yohann Gene wins the overall standings. Having arrived in the peloton at the end of this last stage, he can savor this success which could prove to be the last of his career. The resident of Direct Energie continues to write the love story that links him to the Tropical Amissa Bongo, where he won nine of the twelve trophies that adorn his chimney.

1Meron ABRAHAM3h10'05"
2Asbjørn Kragh ANDERSENDelko Marseille Provence KTMm.t.
3Stanislau BAZHKOUm.t.
4Islam MANSOURIm.t.
5Jean Paul René UKINIWABO+ 3"
6Simon MUSIEm.t.
7Siarhei PAPOKm.t.
8Mikel ARISTIDelko Marseille Provence KTMm.t.
9Martin LAASDelko Marseille Provence KTMm.t.
10Tesfom OKUBAMARIAMm.t.
1Yohann GÈNEDirect Energie19h41'21"
2Tesfom OKUBAMARIAM+ 16"
3Nikodemus HOLLERm.t.
4Salah Eddine MRAOUNIm.t.
5Soufiane SAHBAOUI+ 17"
6Bonaventure UWIZEYIMANAm.t.
7Meron TESHOME+ 22"
8Awet HABTOM+ 30"
9Isiaka CISSE+ 33"
10Yauhen SOBAL
+ 2'00"

Date: 5th March 2017
Race category: Men Elite

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