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l’Opinione Pubblica: Great progress in education and health in Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Great progress in education and health in Eritrea

Eritrea is multiplying at an amazing initiatives to improve the state of education and health systems, however, crowned by success.

Filippo Bovo - March 22, 2017
Twenty-five young new medical graduates to Orotta Medical School in Eritrea.

Just today in Asmara Eritrea Medical Association held its 22nd meeting at the Asmara Palace Hotel, in the presence of Ministers of Health and Education. The president of the association, Dr. Goitom Hagos, has expressed his optimism about the organization's ability to always reach the most important and high results. The meeting, during which they were elected directors of the association for the next two years, it was definitely a key occasion to underline the great progress so far recorded by the social health system Eritrean and to decide on future goals.

On March 16, however, the National Union of Eritrean Women reported how wider access to education across the country, with an increasing participation of the education of senior woman. The participation of Eritrean women to secondary schools has risen by 43.3%, while at the tertiary education came to 37.1%. The documents issued on this occasion by the National Union of Eritrean Women still indicate that still remain major obstacles to the full affirmation of the female sex in the Eritrean education system, but the fact that these limitations have been identified and have been identified at the same time also methods to remove them bodes well for the future.

The strong progress known by women in schools and universities are crucial for their success in the world of work, not to mention not just the health sector, where they are majority than men in various fields, doctors and paramedics. The great importance known by Eritrean woman in the civil sector has its roots in the historical diversity of the Eritrean society, and has been reaffirmed with guns blazing in the years of the War of Independence of 1961-1991, when the fighters before and FLE EPLF then constituted well over 30% of Eritrean soldiers in total.

They are then also numerous initiatives to increase the population, male and female, awareness of the importance of a health system and modern education, where solidarity is a fundamental pillar. Just last March 20, for example, in Ghedi and Massawa over 400 students and citizens have voluntarily donated blood to the regional blood transfusion center. The Association of Voluntary Blood Donors of the Northern Red Sea region reported with satisfaction that the number of donors in the whole area is greatly increased. The next target is to increase this awareness and also the number of donors in the areas of Afabet and Nakfa. For this association, which was founded in 2015, so this is a growing and an extraordinary success.

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