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Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Friday, 05 May 2017

Small country with a glimmer of hope - Eritrea Stauffer
May 05, 2017
Note: You should go to this link below and listen the Audio Interview of Hans-Ulrich Stauffer, though in German language, but very refreshing and factual/objective journalism! It is not like Armchair journalism i.e. fake news and greedy profiteers as we know, but investigative (fact finding) journalism!
Berhane Habtemariam
Blick über eine kleine Stadt nach Asmara
The last UN report paints a bleak picture of the country in the Horn of Africa. But recently there is growing evidence that the young State of Eritrea is not nearly as bad as its reputation.
The Swiss lawyer Hans-Ulrich Stauffer is been politicised by the 68 movement in his youth. Especially the work against racism and the remaining colonies in Africa had done it to him. He went with his girlfriend and still life companion for the first time to Africa since 1974. Four months they travelled through West Africa, stayed most of the time somewhere out there, saw exciting things and unfortunately also, jaundice and malaria as "Souvenirs" brought home. Stauffers enthusiasm for Africa did but no demolition. Even before his first trip there, he was in contact with African liberation movements--that just went over the world church.
Hans-Ulrich Stauffer dealt with Eritrea since 1970. He corresponded with the local liberation movement, later also with Ethiopian opposition parties and liberation movements. He was international election observers in Eritrea, Mozambique and South Africa (in the referendum of 1993) and is co-editor of the journal Africa bulletin since 1976................
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