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A letter sent to DFL - Deutschland Funk, Köln known also as Deutsche Welle

Posted by: yohannes zeratsion

Date: Friday, 19 May 2017

Dear Dehai Org Website administration,
 I am sending you the attached piece of writing, dated 04.05.2017, which I sent to the organisation under the reference. As you can undestand from my writing, this one of the big Radio Broadcasting Station in Germany, broadcasted on 03.05.2017 at 15:49, german time, an unfounded and slandering news about Eritrea, its People and its President, in collaboration with the stooges of America and Germany, sitting in London and Sweden. As a patriotic Eritrean, I could not simply leave such lies stay as they are. I wrote to tell them that there are others Eritreans who would not leave such lies unnoticed and unresponded.
To make it short, they did not respond or showed goodwill to hear other voices.
So, is it possible for you, to post this piece of writing on your Website so that many Eritreans would read what is still going on against Eritrea and its People?
Yohannes Zeratsion
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