Dehai News Mekonen spokesman refused to deal with human trafficking in police trial

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Friday, 09 June 2017

Mekonen spokesman refused to deal with human trafficking in police trial
By: Sanne Terlingen, Huub Jaspers
The roommate of deceased Eritrean asylum seeker Kahsay Mekonen made an incomplete statement during his police trial. This is evidenced by research by OneWorld and Argos. The responses of this roommate led police to end the criminal investigation into the threat of Mekonen.
OneWorld and Argos have been investigating the last days of Eritrean asylum seeker Kahsay Mekonen for more than two years. He received asylum in the Netherlands in 2013 and was busy reaching his family. Day before Christmas 2013, he disappeared without trace. Two weeks later, he was found dead in Bremen, hanging on a tree. In September 2015, we revealed that Mekonen was threatened by Amanuel, his roommate at the asylum seekers center. This roommate would be the brother of the human smuggler with whom Mekonen had a conflict: Habtom. Following our publications, the police launched an investigation into Mekonen's threat.
Insufficient evidence
That police investigation has been completed, so we reported last week. Detective Harry Delno and Justice Officer Daphne van der Zwan explained in an exclusive interview what they all tried to investigate the threat of Mekonen.
"Amanuel has been heard as a witness, not as a suspect," said Del.Co. "Although we kept in mind that he could be a suspect." Finally, the investigation was concluded with the conclusion that no suspect was found.
Amanuel has stated that he has no brother in Italy who smuggles people. He has only one brother, and Eritrea has never been out, he says. The quarrel with Mekonen would have been about television.
Van der Zwan: "We have not been able to prove that the roommate is lying. Therefore, no suspect from our investigation has come up and the case is closed. " "Roommate becomes violent"
From daily reports of asylum seekers in Leersum, where Kahsay Mekonen and Amanuel lived, it appears that there has been a rumor about television.
An internal security note, owned by OneWorld and Argos, states: The round colleagues have been addressed by Mr Kahsay Mekonen, currently living in Room E 209, the lord told (sic!) That he has suffered from his fellow-resident called Amanuel. All night the TV and lighting were on. Mr. Kahsay Mekonen could not sleep. With both men agreed that this is reported and stay calm for tomorrow and go to the info library tomorrow. Here they listen.
This notification is due to date from November 17, 2013. However, Mekonen has made two more reports to the asylum seekers center.
On December 2, 2013, it was noted: Mekonen can not deal with roommate. This has been reported several times. See tomorrow alternative. Mr. was afraid that roommate would be violent. On December 19th, 2013, Mekonen reported at the reception with money problems. He will be sent away with the request to return the next day. He does not do that. It's the last day he saw in Leersum.
Incomplete statement
Amanuel has not made a full statement about his argument with Mekonen. He also stated that human smuggler Habtom's brother is not.
Via Facebook research, combined with official documents, we have learned that Amanuel and Habtom are indeed brothers and that they both have good contact with a sister living in Norway.
Amanuel always made talks that Kahsay (Mekonen, Red.) Had to pay more money to Habtom, Mekonen's brother told a new statement.
All new findings about the last days of Kahsay Mekonen can be found in the new chapter in our online research file
We also collaborated with Argos on a radio documentary about our search for human smuggler Habtom.
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