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(VOE, DC) Interview with Youth Ms. Selamawit Yemane - Treasurer, Eritrean Development Foundation

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Date: Sunday, 23 July 2017

To hear this week's broadcast or an archive of the last four weeks broadcast, visit Voice Of Eritrea

This week's broadcast includes:

  • Interview with Youth Selamawit Yemane- Treasurer, Eritrean Development Foundation
  • Health- Kidney Decease- Prevention and Maintenance by Dr. Yemane Sium part 2
  • Editorial- Truth Finally Prevails
  • Book Reading (VOE) "Mefezemta" Chapter 6 Part 6
  • News from Asmara, Eritrea
  • Important announcements and Music

ኣርእስቲ መደባትና:

  • ቃለመጠይቅ ምስ መንእሰይ ሰላማዊት የማነ- ተሓዝ ገንዘብ- Eritrean Development foundation
  • ሕዱር ሕማም ኹሊት- ብዶክተር የማነ ስዩም 2ይ ክፋል
  • ሓተታ - በትሪ ሓቂስ ትቀጥን እንበር ኣይትስበርን
  • ሓተታ - በትሪ ሓቂስ ትቀጥን እንበር ኣይትስበርን
  • እዋናዊ ዜና ካብ ከተማ ኣስመራ ብወኪልና ገረመስቀል ገረዝጊሄር
  • ኣገደስቲ ሓበረታን ሙዚቃን
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