To name her, investigators were the two security officers boarded on Vos Hestia's Ship of Save the Children who revealed the existence of a secret chat between the team leaders on humanitarian ships. 

Don Mussie Zerai, Eritrean priest who for years lives in Italy and is a reference point for thousands of fellow citizens who are facing the journey to Europe, is one of the investigators of the Trapani Prosecutor's Office in the context of the Immigration Attempt Clandestine that has already led to the seizure of the Juventus ship of the German NGO Jugend Rettet. Also for the priest the charge would be the same.

Father Zerai at the Sabir festival: criminalizing the ong leads to new abuses

According to the two witnesses, the priest who received communications from migrants embarked on the traffickers' rafts would have been through with members of the NGOs by reporting day, time and location of the boats to be rescued. 

Nobel Peace Laureate in 2015, founder and president of the Habeshia Information Agency, called "Migrant Rescue", with whom he provides telephone help to migrants departing, stimulating authorities intervention in places where they are located Craft in distress, to Don Zerai glòi men of the mobile team of Trapani have notified a warranty notice.

Don Mussie Zerai, Father Moses: His cell phone number is the ultimate hope of migrants

"I only learned about the investigation Monday," says Mussie Zerai, "and I want to go deep into this affair." I went back to Rome from Ethiopia in the past, "he added," I received a lot of phone calls every day. I would know why, 'but my intervention has always been for humanitarian purposes.' The investigation, according to judicial environment, refers to presumed pressure from the prelate at the bodies responsible for rescue at sea. "Even before informing NGOs," he says, "every time I alerted the Italian and Maltese Coast Guard operational centers, I have never had any contact with Iuventa, I have secret chat, I have always communicated through my cell phone" . 

On the Ong front, this morning a ' Another organization that had already announced its membership by mail, officially signed the Code of Conduct at Viminale. It's the German Sea Eye. For the moment
There are four out of eight NGOs that joined, and tomorrow, Sos Mediterranée might have added a meeting to clarify some of the perplexities that have so far pushed the organization to remain in the "no" front. There are still Doctors Without Borders, and the other two German Sea Watch and Jugend Rettet, the latter at the center of the Trapani investigation, which now runs under the co-ordination of the new Attorney Alfredo Morvillo.