Dehai News Angry Ethiopian Nuers Curse at Government Forces while Reporting to Ethiopian Authority at the Main Bridge

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Friday, 11 August 2017

Angry Ethiopian Nuers Curse at Government Forces while Reporting to Ethiopian Authority at the Main Bridge

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Philip Gual

Aug 10, 2017

JIKOW WAREDA – Dozens of local civilians gathered on Jekow River bank cursed at government forces for crossing the border because of imminent threats against them from the opposition forces in Pagak.

The two rival forces have reported to have been fighting against each other for control over the SPLM-IO Headquarters Pagak, South Sudan.  The clashes between the government forces and the opposition forces have forced out the government forces to seek rescue from Ethiopian authority.

While reporting to the Ethiopian authority at the main border bridge, the government forces were met with sharp criticism by the Ethiopian Nuer civilians who think that the South Sudanese government under Taban Deng Gai is coming to destabilize their relationship with their counterpart, the South Sudanese Nuers inhabiting ancestral land, Pagak.

On a short video clip shown on the Facebook by Getachew Both, the Ethiopian Nuers chanted “you cowards, why do you run from a war you started and seek refuge on our side? You are good for nothing and have no value in society” they said while gathered on the bank of Jikow River with few of Bol’s soldier hiding on the other side of the River.

In another event, Bol Ruach Rom, the supposed to be the governor on the side of Taban and Kiir, met at the bridge with Ethiopian Authority to negotiate safe entrance of his forces to Ethiopian border, claim asylum or risk repatriation to Juba, South Sudan.  It is alleged that the outcome of their meeting was to surrender all their equipment and uniforms and register as civilians or face their enemy at the bridge.

It is also alleged that the Ethiopian authority have strongly warned them not to continue with their nonsense war as Pagak is a strategic place for both Ethiopia and South Sudan.  Konday (full name withheld) who is an Ethiopian, and as well Jekow Wareda resident living in the area, has told our Upper Nile Times correspondence that the Ethiopian authority has made their point clear to them that this is an area both countries share common border in for which its insecurity could mean affecting the local Ethiopian civilians which would not be conducive for border relation.

He also stated that “should they insist like they were saying, the Ethiopian Authority will take serious major on their part.”  “I am also hearing that that the opposition forces around Pagak are strategically closing in to make sure they are disarmed and subdue their evil plan,” he stated.

Our correspondence has contacted Gen. William Gajiath, the official military Spokesperson of the SPLA-IO for their side story; however, the contact did not go through.  Stay tune more news to follow!

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