Dehai News Q & A-A Memoir of the People, ‘Gratitude in Low Voices’

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Date: Saturday, 12 August 2017

Q & A-A Memoir of the People, ‘Gratitude in Low Voices’

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Saturday, 12 August 2017 02:05 |
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“His book is an important milestone and no one expects to write a memoir at such as young age unless there is something significant that needs to be told. And there is… beyond Dawit’s personal journey, a need to tell Eritrea’s history...albeit in small chapters, through personal stories. Here we are given the opportunity to go behind the headlines, to the home, to the villages, and revisit history.” Sophia Tesfamariam Eritrean writer in the USA.

Gratitude in Low Voices is an interesting book, as the author Dawit Gheberemichael, while presenting reminiscences of his own life, puts in context the Eritrean history… at least that of three decades ago, when a typical Eritrean communal life style was in its most virgin form and when the unity of the people outshined the atrocity inflicted on their days by colonizing forces.

Although the author himself claims his book is “just” an act of following the Eritrean adage which says “To those who have done you favors, either return the favor or tell others about their good deeds”, it is truly a modest and admirable beginning of Eritrean literary works’ debut in the western world.

Authored by Dawit Ghebremichael, an accomplished software engineer at Bloomberg-BNA Gratitude in Low Voices is a definite success with great reviews and a myriad of readers because just about anyone can relate. The book is being inaugurated in Eritrea as well. Yesterday Friday the 11th, an event to that end was held in Embasoira Hotel, Asmara.

Q:-Although a lot of people are now familiar with you, thanks to your book, please do introduce yourself to our readers.

Dawit Ghebremichael: I was born and raised in Eritrea until I left in September 1989. I went to Kenya and then finally settled in the USA. I attended Spring Brooke High School. I then went to South Hampton University with a passion for IT, and specifically software development. My professional sail directed me to New York to work for Bloomberg. In 1999 I came to Eritrea and started Natna Business Solutions for IT Training and Software Application Development. I oversaw the Natna venture for about five years and then I went back to New York. I am now still working in Bloomberg in the infrastructure team..................

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