Dehai News Ethiopia: TPLF Mafia elites’ juvenile behavior is out of control for the world to see

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Sunday, 10 September 2017

Ethiopia: TPLF Mafia elites’ juvenile behavior is out of control for the world to see

By Teshome Debalke

September 10, 2017

The idiocy of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) cannot be matched by any in history as Ethiopians witnessed for far too long. What we know from the horses’ own mouths alone is enough to show how dim-witted and juvenile TPLF elites are to commit heinous crimes and still believe they outwitted the people of Ethiopia more fairytales and are beyond reproach to pay for their crimes.

Such dysfunctional behavior can only be categorized as juvenile deliquesce going out of control ransacking and terrorizing neighborhoods except TPLF Mafia elites are running a nation setting up make-believe laws, courts, prosecutors and enforcers as well as bogus Medias, Human Right Commission and Election Board… and became ‘democratically elected’ government of Ethiopia.

As much as TPLF Mafia elites’ juvenile behavior is proven to be dysfunctional not to mention criminal beyond reasonable doubts; there is no sign they are abandoning the alternative reality they live under and continued to stick with it when the reality continued to slap them on the face more and more.  Instead, they are out in attempt to circumvent the reality by create another fairytale that fits their delinquent behavior to stick around than accept their criminality and surrender.

Quite frankly, TPLF Mafia elites and surrogates don’t give a hoot what Ethiopian feel or think about any crime they commit as proven but scared to death more being exposed to the international community that empower them to commit more crimes conforming; they are foreign mercenaries of the highest order as Ethiopians suspected all along.

Though bowing for the international community is not new for many rogue group ruling a banana republic to keep them alive, what makes TPLF Mafia elites different is the infrastructure they build and the human resource they dispatched to please their foreign enablers on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia is astounding.

Take for instance a documentary titled “Children Have Become Ethiopia’s Latest Export” exposed trafficking Ethiopian children as orphans to Western parents through evangelical adaption agencies — generating 100s of million dollars foreign exchange to the regime, according to the documentary.

The distressing documentary were allowed to interview the people not by accident but, by calculate PR stint staged to disassociate the ruling TPLF elites from the illegal human trafficking enterprise they engage that became international news because of the murders and abuse of many children by their Western parents and the anger of many other parents cheated that tipped the authorities and the Medias.

Incidentally, the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC at one point officially advertising on its website a whopping 22 adaption agencies run by TPLF’s operatives in the diaspora with their partners-in-crime running front ‘Christian’ orphanage homes in Addis Ababa to export poor children from remote villages snatched from their biological parents until the practice was exposed to the world and were deleted from the website. The name list of the adaption agencies shows; all 22 except one are expat run adapting agencies in partnership with local partners posed as evangelical group targeting the faith community in Western countries, according the ongoing investigations.

Human trafficking is not new by the regime in Addis Ababa or limited by child adaptions. At one point, there were over 400 ‘employment’ agencies’ registered by the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor to traffic 100s of thousands of indenture servants (mostly young women) to the petrol rich Gulf States. What happen to Ethiopians trafficked by TPLF Mafia operatives working out of the Ethiopian embassies in the respective Gulf States is common knowledge but, hard to investigate human trafficking sanctioned by regimes involved in it in closed societies.

Since international outcry on the treatment of domestic works, the regime in Addis Ababa and the Golf States came up with a scheme to ‘regulate’ the ‘employment agencies’ led by Ethiopia’s Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Abdulfatah Abdullahi (pictured). According Saudi Gazette May 28 issue; agreement were signed where;

“the Ethiopian government will send qualified domestic workers who are medically fit to carry out their specific tasks as per Saudi regulations. The government will also ensure that these maids have no criminal record.

Among the necessary measures taken by the Ethiopian ministry, domestic workers should receive training at specialized household institutes in Ethiopia and must be aware of Saudi regulations and traditions and the nature of work.”

Likewise, shortly after the children trafficking/adaptation/export expose became international news; the regime came up with make-believe crackdown on ‘illegal adaption’ to show the international community; the regime in Addis Ababa is fighting ‘illegal’ adaptions of humans trafficking enterprise the same TPLF Mafia elites run.

Now, where in these world TPLF Mafia elites pass anything that generate as much as 30 thousand dollars apiece let alone exporting poor children that don’t cost them anything like the land give away that lured unsuspecting investors?

Let’s face it, they are good scum artists that sell you anything worth a dollar. But, the problem is; they are selling the nation and anything in her worth a dollar and the prove is in the pudding for someone who cares to look closer to the Mafia network built to robe the people and the nation.

Regardless, what was peculiar on the documentary was the man that presented himself as a ‘top Human Right lawyer in Ethiopia’ protesting ‘illegal adaption’ and what the ‘government’ is doing to address it was DR Mehari Maru (pictured), the infamous TPLF operative from the diaspora that helped designed the Agazi terror network in a cover of fighting international terrorism.

Think about it. How DR Mehari ended up as the ‘top human right lawyer in Ethiopia’ under Woyane regime he is part protesting the trafficking of children in the heart of Addis Ababa as if it was a secret to him or TPLF Mafia elites’ led regime is as hilarious as the 100% ‘democratically elected’ regime in the 2010 election concocted by the Former Vice Chairman of the make-believe Ethiopian Election Board and the present Chairman of the make-believe Ethiopian Human Right Commission DR Addisu Geber-Egziabher, a TPLF operative in his own right (pictured).

Just listing to the sorry Chairman Addisu of the Ethiopian Human Right Commission recent report (for foreign diplomats’ consumption)  in front of the imaginary Parliament regarding the Agazi massacre of Ethiopians under State of Emergency DR Mehari help set up would tell you; TPLF juvenile elites decorate their offices with empty credential that don’t worth the paper printed on for the sole purpose of deflecting the crime of Woyane from the international community and hoping the world wouldn’t figure out their ploy.

Look, any child over two-years-old understand; you don’t give the key for the cookie jar to one of his or her underage sibling and expect him or her to be impartial or independent to do right and tell the truth but, not TPLF Mafia elites with PHDs?

Quite honestly, it would be unfair to children with much better sense of understanding right-and-wrong from age two and over than TPLF juvenile elites with PhDs that live in alternative universe just to please their enablers and their ‘cookie’ habit on the expenses and bloods of the people of Ethiopia.

The ‘top human right lawyer in Ethiopia’ DR Mehari in the documentary failed to tell the world the alternative universe he choice to live under his PhD and J.D … on paper credential was not good enough to recognize the reality — the ruling TPLF Mafia regime is the law, the jury and the prosecutor and human right violator… at the same time – making DR Mehari not ‘a top human right lawyer in Ethiopia’ but a bottom feeder — violating the oath of his profession to disqualify him from anything remotely related to the law or any other profession.

His official job at present is International Consultant on African Union affairs and an expert in Public Administration, Policy and Management. No one knows what kind of education he acquired that could help him figure out; the Woyane Mafia regime need no public administration skill nor policy and management advice but, surrender for the rule of law it violated every day since it came to power as the law books dictate.

DR Maru also claim to be expert on ‘Ethiopian counterterrorism success’ per his Op-Ed on Aljazeera titled The secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism success… after his encounter President Obama in Addis Ababa when  the President parrot the make-believe Election Board’s stamp of approval — the ruling party is ‘democratically elected’ by 100% of the voters in the 2010 election. On that, I blame Obama, the leader of the ‘Free World’ not Maru the willing apologist of an ethnic Apartheid regime with crime record as long as the Nile River.

Here we have a PhD holder telling the world, the secret of the ‘elected’ TPLF Mafia led Ethiopian regime’s ‘counterterrorism success’ in great detail as if he himself wrote it and turn around and present himself as the ‘top human right lawyer in Ethiopia’ advocating against child trafficking the same ‘elected’ regime find difficult to have no ‘secret’ success to countertrafficking of Ethiopian children, girls and women sold and terrorized by ‘exporters and importers’ of human commodity to Western and Middle Eastern nation into  modern slavery?

It clear DR Mehari’s unofficial duty without he saying it is to deflect the crimes of TPLF Mafia elites from the international community probe on the regime’s atrocities, human rights violation and human trafficking and corruption posed as expert in human rights, public administration, policy and management and counterterrorism as many of his comrades do deflecting corruption, money laundering, investment scum, financial fraud, land-invasion, ethnic cleansing…and the rest away from  TPLF Mafia elites. I have followed many clandestine TPLF operatives and wrote about doing the same over and over again.

The multi occupation and profession DR Mehari Iru Taddele Maru (his official legal name in the Western world) and his on-paper credential is consistent with the members of TPLF Mafia elites’ club of cover ups.

His German LinkedIn profile or a more detailed Zoom Info profile shows he is allover Ethiopia to miss TPLF Mafia crimes of atrocity, human trafficking, extortion and racketeering that requires his profession to crackdown especially his lawyering skills he acquired from Addis Ababa University law school 1995 up on his return from exile and Oxford, Harvard, NATO war college and the rest later.   Unfortunately, none of his credential are used for what they were intended to but to cover up for the most dangerous ethnic Apartheid Mafia regime Ethiopians have ever seen. Where is the justice and accountability in that my people?

According to unverifiable claim (a must read) Maru was;

“Born in 1974 in the northern region of Tigray, the principal site of, a protracted, devastating civil war in Ethiopia, at an early age, he witnessed and experienced, at an early age, the human rights violations and forced disappearance of his close family members and the negative impact of the devastating war on the livelihood of the local population. His father, Gra-Zmach Taddele Maru, his maternal grandparents Fitewrari Bitsue Welde-Georgis and Wezero Bafena Atsibiha, as well as his uncle Kegna-azmzch Kiros Maru, all of whom were public servants in the Emperor Hailsellassie’s government, and close kinship links to Emperor Yohannes IV were made to forcefully disappear by the then rebel group, a member of the current governing political force in Ethiopia, the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). He was about five years old now of trauma, persecution and forced disappearance of so many of his closest family members. Seeking protection and assistance, Mehari was then forced to flee from his birthplace in northern Ethiopia”

Strangely, he won’t say where he was exiled at ‘early age’ nor how he ended up in Addis Ababa University up on his return from exile to earn his law degree and leave right out to the West to attend the most prestigious Universities money can buy and return back to Ethiopia again as ‘top Human Right Lawyer in Ethiopia’ and expert in public Administration, policy and counterterrorism among many roles in Addis Ababa University reform, researcher at ‘Peace and Security Institute at the same University, international consultant in peacekeeping and counterterrorism at Africa Union and anything in between including a seat on the Board of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church charity wing?

For many Ethiopians, TPLF elites’ bizarre and juvenile behavior has been like a long frightening dream that wakes us up frequently to find out; it is not a dream but reality, yet we refused to believe it; partly because it is too wicked for a human mind to absolve.

But, TPLF elites to believe; the Apartheid voodoo spell they concocted will put Ethiopians to sleep indefinitely in the name of ethnic Nations and Nationalities hoax and Mafia Developmental State racket will keep them rob and terrorize our people and ransack our country indefinitely is as juvenile and as delinquent as they can come.  But, the reality is, their delinquent behaviors are mostly driven by foreign enablers — making them officially mercenaries.  `

Therefore, academic credential (real or fake) are only good to cover up their juvenile delinquencies to make them better mercenaries, Mafias…noting more.

Take TPLF juvenile elites in the diaspora that willfully promote their comrades’ delinquent behavior at home while residing in nations of laws they sworn to upload. Without them aiding and abiding the rouge regime, there wouldn’t be TPLF Mafia let alone its elites’ committing crimes against Ethiopians for the last 27 years and counting.

As I said before, this has nothing to do with politics as we are led to believe by the TPLF Mafia elites dodge accountability but, everything to do with law and order and crime and punishment of offenders that explains why they hide from the public.

Let’s be honest.  Contemporary Ethiopian elites failed to identify TPLF delinquent operatives in the diaspora that kept their Mafia regime’s criminal behavior at home acceptable for the international community. Back in the old days, they used to be called crooks, henchmen, bookies… dressed to look mean and scary assassins and they will kill you.  These days, they are called consultants, experts, diplomats, investors… dressed up to look soft and professional presentable for international community but, do essentially the same and yes, they will kill you more than one way.

The bottom line is, when the self-proclaimed non-Ethiopian separatist Marxist Leninist League of Tigray elites that vowed Albanian style rule turned into crony-capitalist Mafia and ethnic Apartheid revolutionary democratic cartel laughing their way to the bank and praised by foreigners; what else they expect Ethiopians to call them but…?

Now, do not blame me. In my defense, I didn’t make them juvenile delinquent, Mafia nor mercenaries but, by their own will, admission and action. Unfortunately, 27 years later; they still doing the same and believe their make-believe regime is ‘democratically elected’ by the ballet than by the bullet, their make-believe ‘Free Press’ by reality than fairytale and their make-believe development by investment than invasion …; shooting themselves on the foot every day and crying wolf on the messengers. No wonder they are frightened of the Ethiopian Satellite Television Network (ESAT) like I predicted. In fact, they run out of excuses to undermine it I noticed they came up with a look alike to confuse Ethiopians.

Looking at the make-believe Medias in the diaspora lately is a window of opportunity to see how TPLF juvenile delinquent elites are in complete confusion and denial of the reality coming at them at a speed of category 5 hurricane and feel they can still shoot their way out of it like a drug lord surrounded by law enforcement to surrender.

I have been warning them to surrender while they can but, their juvenile delinquent mind won’t allow them.

Take for instance the infamous self-described Tigru Media Aiga Forum out of the sunny San Jose California — agonizing to look more Ethiopian than the Ethiopians he hated to love — showing juvenile delinquency in the free world operating on fairytale bubble of Woyane from across the world refusing to accept reality.

Here is one cranky article from TPLF juvenile cadre by the name Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) titled The Ethiopian Defense Force: Reflection Of The Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities And Peoples  posted by the grand TPLF make-believe Media Aiga Forum. It reads;

“Built on firm foundation, trusted by the public at large, loyal to the constitution and the constitutional order, the Ethiopian Defense Force is the pride of our people and our nation. The services our Defense Force renders to our people to our nation and indeed to our region and the world at large goes without saying. Our Defense Force represents the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of our Nation. It is a symbol and a sign of Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples. Our Defense Force has an impeccable track record and reputation of defending the nation and rendering developmental services to the public at large. Generally, the making, history, characteristics and achievement of our Defense Force is quite unique. The Ethiopian Defense Force is made of all Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia; therefore, it represents Ethiopia’s Nations, Nationalities and Peoples, it emanates from them and is their reflection and representation.  Further, our Defense Force is also a reflection of its core mission which is”to enhance peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy and should these fail, to ensure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor”.

As expected, cadre Yohannes belongs in TPLF Mafia elites’ club of delinquent juvenile. Therefore, his handful of articles are only found on the same make-believe Medias TPLF controls that need no verification or reality check. Does cadre Yohannes really need PhD to tell us he is dumb and juvenile to understand; he can’t have his cake and eat it too from all Medias on Aiga?

It appears cadre Yohannes acquired his bogs PhD from Walta University where he is an ‘official contributor’ to tell us; Agazi that is killing the ‘Nations and Nationalities and Peoples’ of Ethiopia is ‘OUR’ national defense force’? Talk about juvenile delinquent with serious identity crises.

Quite honestly, the rate TPLF juvenile elite print diploma to write fairytale articles like the above; Ethiopia will have more make-believe PhD holder per capita in the world soon to come news on the same make-believe Media as the Aiga.

When it comes to the cockiest make-believe Media, Tigray online out of the rocky Denver, Colorado run by a juvenile delinquent of all times have no match.  The cadre appears to loss control of his fairytale identity TPLF gave him when reality began to slap him on the face. It seems his inflated juvenile ego suddenly deflated — losing all his hope on TPLF Mafia that promise him ethnic glory instead deliver him identity crises — living him with broken heart to ask; who am I? Instead of swallowing his empty ‘Tigre’ pride built on fairytale and extortion and surrender to the reality; he lashes out on the messengers like a juvenile on steroid.

Don’t get me wrong for being too harsh on adults acting as juvenile. If you grasp how much death and distraction the behavior causes as I do; you would understand.

When they say; ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’, they weren’t kidding. TPLF ethnic Apartheid basket crashed and the eggs in it cracked, squashed, and splattered. Instead of burying it before the eggs stink the world over; TPLF juvenile delinquent are agonizing to preserve the old ethnic Apartheid basket their fairytale existence depends on by putting back the cracked eggs in the crashed basket and hope they will hatch a new improved TPLF Mafia Ethiopia.

As clownish and deadly it is for Ethiopians, TPLF juvenile delinquent are not clowning nor feel they have done nothing wrong as we can see them making jack asses out of themselves every day in denial.

The important thing Ethiopians need to remember is, there is no good Mafia like there is no good Apartheid or mercenary, all must go. Thus, reacting to TPLF Mafia-Apartheid-mercenary elites’ juvenile behavior won’t help the bigger issue our people face. But, identifying and punishing TPLF juveniles one after another, particularly those in the diaspora goes a long way not only to end their miserable existence on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia but, to brings about rule-and-order in contemporary political discourse.  In fact, Ethiopians will do TPLF Mafias juvenile elites a favor to grow out of the life of delinquency and live normal instead of criminal lives for a change by exposing their juvenile behavior.

Therefore, treating TPLF Mafia juveniles like adults as we have been doing for too long just because they say so is costing lives and livelihoods of our people not to mention freedom and rights.  Unfortunately, many TPLF juveniles reside in the free world pretending to be adults from knowing better about human rights, democracy, rule of law, development… but, because no one is knocking on their door to make them accountable, they continue to behave like juveniles and refuse to grow out of their delinquencies.

In 27 years of TPLF Mafia juvenile elites’ apartheid game, we have yet to encounter one adult among them that speaks the reality. Precisely that is why functioning societies refuse to put juveniles in charge making decision on important issues and won’t make them legally responsible for their mischiefs. In case of Ethiopia, the only reasons TPLF juvenile elites are considered adults are; they are over 18 to be legally responsible for their crimes and they present some unverifiable credentials pretending to know better and carry donated gun to enforce theirs or their enablers will.  Otherwise, they talk, write, act and do like juvenile delinquent out of control. Therefore, if Ethiopians happen to know a TPLF juvenile delinquent elite we have responsibility to expose him or her out for the world.

Watching the documentary of children being trafficked and the “top Ethiopian human right lawyer” DR Mehari Maru making a mockery of human right under TPLF Mafia juvenile elites rule, silence isn’t an option.   Therefore, DR Mehari Maru must be confronted to come out and ‘Face the Nation’ so his comrades.

As our people’s struggle intensify to end the rogue regime’s rule so TPLF juvenile elites’ agony to keep the regime alive. Now the Oromo-Amhara divide failed miserably, they opened Oromo-Somali front to keep Ethiopians distracted just as the Fascist occupier did to distract patriotic Ethiopians from ending the occupation.

If history is a lesson, it is the same old colonialists trick that bought-and-sold dysfunctional elites that caused rights violations, war, poverty, atrocity, corruption and the rest.

Ethiopians are wise and civilized people if only contemporary dysfunctional elites with juvenile and delinquent behavior grow up to learn organic wisdom their academic credential won’t address.

As I said before, the problem with Ethiopia are dysfunctional elites with the highest academic credential money can buy acting like juvenile delinquent that cannot read and write. When we sort them out one after the other; our people’s freedom and liberty would be around the corner.  It is as simple as ABC that don’t require real or bogus PhD to figure out.

Finally, our people say, ሊበ ሏት ያሰቧተን አሞራ  ጅግራ አልዋት. In that note, Woyane brought us ethnic Nations and Nationalities peoples apartheid hoax to eat Ethiopians for lunch and finally turn around to eat its own for dinner as expected from any dysfunctional elites.  Let us not be fooled by the hype and demand a surrender for democratic rule.

There is no good Apartheid, Mafia or mercenary but, a dead one. It happens TPLF proven to be all three. Thus, Woyane must go and replaced by democratic rule.  I didn’t say hyphenated ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ by 100% vote TPLF dysfunctional elites have been hiding behind to do Ethiopians.


The article is dedicated to our Oromo-Somali people that are the latest victim of TPLF Mafia-Apartheid-mercenary elites’ plot to keep Ethiopians divided and weak like Fascist did before. We all have to ‘Say no Woyane has to go’ is the one-and-only option to free our people.

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