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SRF / Fewer Eritreans come to Switzerland

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 28 December 2017

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Asylum situation relaxedFewer Eritreans come to Switzerland

December 28 2017

Asylum applications from Eritrea have fallen by almost two-thirds over the past three years. With consequences for the asylum centers.

bar graph
Since 2015, the number of asylum applications of Eritreans has decreased by two thirds SRF

The essentials in brief:

  • -The decline in current asylum numbers is due in particular to significantly fewer applications from Eritreans.
  • -Just over 3000 applications were submitted by Eritrean asylum seekers by the end of November, most of them for children born in Switzerland.
  • -According to refugee aid, the reasons for the decline are the precarious situation in Libya and the consistent registration in Italy.
For the current year, the federal government has expected around 25,000 refugees in Switzerland. Only 17,000 have arrived by the end of November. That's the few that have been in seven years.

Significantly less Eritreans

The applications of people from Eritrea, but also from Syria, have fallen sharply.Eritreans are still leading the asylum statistics, but the situation has eased: 3138 applications for asylum from Eritrea were filed this year. In 2016, there were almost 4800, a year before, against 10'000.
Only 373 Eritreans made an application directly at the border. Around 600 of them have taken over Switzerland from other Dublin countries. 754 came over the family move to Switzerland.
Pie chart with the disaggregated asylum applications of EritreansMost requests come from newborns who have the same asylum status as their mother. SRF
More obstacles on the way to Switzerland
Lukas Rieder, media spokesman for the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), explains the declining figures by saying that far fewer people have come to Italy via the sea. This is connected with the precarious situation in Libya, but also with the increased controls of the Coast Guard. In addition, Italy now registers the arriving refugees almost completely.

No infant bonus

Most applications from Eritreans (almost 1300 to the end of November) are today due to children born in Switzerland. Births account for over 40 percent of asylum applications. Children automatically take on the same asylum status as the mother. In part, Eritrean women hope for a birth benefit. Nearly 40,000 people today belong to the Eritrean diaspora in Switzerland. The number of births is correspondingly high.
But there is no infant bonus in Switzerland, as SEM spokesman Rieder clarifies: "Women with newborns have no advantages in the asylum procedure. Their requests are not given priority, nor are they given any special treatment. "

Close asylum centers

According to the most recent development, the SEM estimates that 18'500 asylum applications will be submitted in the current year. In view of such figures, the Confederation, cantons and municipalities were able to leave their asylum emergency and retirement planning in the drawer.
But not only that: Due to a lack of occupancy, asylum centers were closed throughout Switzerland. In the canton of Berne, the Salvation Army had to close one third of its centers and lay off 130 caretakers.

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