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Eritrea for mobile viewing President Isaias Afewerk's Trip to UAE has Angered Weyane Dogs. $500,000,000 Cha-Ching! Happy New Year! ✰ ツ

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Wednesday, 03 January 2018

President Isaias Afewerk's Trip to UAE has Angered Weyane Dogs. $500,000,000 Cha-Ching! Happy New Year! ✰ ツ

By Abdisa

» 01 Jan 2018, 18:45


As many of you already know by now, the port of Djibouti is leased to the UAE for the next 30 years. A UAE company called DP World manages the port and collects all fees associated with the use of Djibouti's port services. The family that rules Djibouti gets $46 million dollars a year from the UAE in royalty fees. Not a bad amount for the lazy, illiterate bums. But across the border there are others who are far more illiterate with an IQ equivalent to that of chimpanzees.

Every year, the Tigray regime in Ethiopia is obligated to pay up to $1 Billion Dollars to use Djibouti's port services, and the payment is made directly to the UAE. This means that almost all of the $1 Billion Dollars the beggar Tigray mercenary regime receives in annual aid from donor countries, goes into paying the port fees.

Wait, it gets worse!

The oil rich UAE, in an effort to safeguard its oil routes along the Red Sea, has reached an agreement with Eritrea to park its naval and air force fleet at the Assab Port in exchange for Half a Billion Dollars a year. What this means is that, the UAE receives $1 Billion Dollars a year from the Tigray regime and gives Half of that money to Eritrea for hosting its fleet. In other words, the Tigray regime is paying Half a Billion Dollars a year to Eritrea without having to set foot on the Assab Port.

How did it come down to this?

እስቲ ጎበዝ! ተራሮችን በውሸቱ ያንቀጠቀጠ ትውልድ እንዴትስ የቀይ ባህር ማዕበሎችን ማንቀጥቀጥ ተሳነው?
*ጸሓፊ ናይ`ዚ ዓንቀጽ ኢትዮጵያዊ ከይኮነ ኣይተርፍን።
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ክልተ ቕነ ኣብ ድፍዓት ብደራሳይ ኣቶ ኣለምሰገድ ተስፋይ ተደርሰት ብቛንቋ ጀርመን ተቶርጊማ ብዕለት 4 ግንቦት 2019 ኣብ ከተማ ማንሃይም ሃ/ጀርመን ተመሪቓ ንመጀመርያ ግዜ ኣብ ሃገረ ጀርመን ተዘርጊሓ ኣላ

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