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Eritrea for mobile viewing / What a story Awet Gebremedhin! From the flight to Sweden to the Israel Cycling Academy contract

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 08 January 2018

What a story Awet Gebremedhin! From the flight to Sweden to the Israel Cycling Academy contract

Alberto Coriele

January 8,2018
The Eritrean in 2013, after a race in Italy, fled to Sweden where he spent 18 months hiding in a friend's house studying the language to obtain refugee status. After having spent the season in Kuwait-Cartucho with Rebellin, he now has the great opportunity for a contract with the Israel Cycling Academy, which could get a wild card for the upcoming Giro d'Italia.

That of Awet Gebremedhin is a story to tell, starting from the bottom. The Eritrean racer has been made official by the Israel Cycling Academy at this time, who chose him to replace Ahmet Orken, the Turkish who had requested the termination in recent weeks. Israel is a highly accredited formation to get a wild card for the upcoming Giro d'Italia, which will start from Jerusalem.

An exciting moment for us: We welcome AWET GEBREMEDHIN. Happy to have you , Awet.

The flight to Sweden

After telling the ending, let's take several steps back and talk about Awet. In 2013, after winning several races in Eritrea, he took part in a race in Italy. He decided, however, not to return to his native country and headed for Sweden in search of asylum.
" I knew I would never become a professional runner if I came back to my country. "
There he was hosted for 18 months by a friend, in whose house he lived almost hidden with the risk of being arrested and sent back to Eritrea. He began to study the language in order to obtain refugee status.
" It was the worst period of my life, I could not leave the house, I ate very little and I knew that not riding a bike for so long could have compromised my future as a professional.I spent all my time studying Swedish to be able to have some more chance of getting the status "
What actually happens and in November 2015 Awet is officially declared a Swedish refugee. For three months he collects empty beer bottles and sells them: he tells her enough to allow himself a bicycle, some shoes and a helmet, and gets back to training.

The return to racing

The amateur team Marco Polo offers him a place in the team and he finishes 19th the first race after two years of forced inactivity. In 2017 he moves to, a small continental training (which also included Davide Rebellin): the best result is the 16th place at the Vuelta in Madrid. At the end of 2017 the training closes and he remains without a contract, but the recent call of the Israel Cycling Academy has fulfilled his dream.
" I can hardly believe it, I've been waiting for this opportunity all my life There were moments of darkness and despair, I almost lost all hope that a miracle could happen, but now everything I've done seems worth 
Che storia Awet Gebremedhin! Dalla fuga in Svezia al contratto con la Israel Cycling Academy

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