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Agenzia DiRE / Eritrea, the Zambaiti in Asmara: "More cotton and nurseries"

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 02 February 2018

Eritrea, the Zambaiti in Asmara: "More cotton and nurseries"

Vincenzo GiardinaVincenzo Giardina 2 February 2018  

ROME - "In our nursery school we will now welcome the children of four and five years , a sign of respect for mothers and families of workers", explains the CEO of Za.Er., Dire  Pietro Zambaiti , the first industrial textile company in 'Eritrea . For the children of employees, about 550, next to the Asmara warehouses for some time there is a service of assistance and schooling.
We follow 100 children, half of whom, however, in external structures "calculates Zambaiti:" We pay subsidies to institutions to guarantee a safe path from elementary and up to the Italian School, which has high quality standards but also challenging entry tests ". Inside the kindergarten of Za.Er, an acronym for Zambaiti Eritrea , children who have already reached the age of three will also find a place. "It is a commitment appreciated by local newspapers, who write about us at least once a month", emphasizes the CEO.
It was his father, in 2004, to recognize for the symbolic value of a dollar the land of Cotonificio Barattolo , historic but also now collapsing: " The machines were useless and then we brought ours, with the commitment to continue to invest in know -how to revive production and work, "recalls Zambaiti. The results seem to agree with him. Today Za.Er. produces over 360,000 kilograms of twisted wire a year , using only cotton from African countries, from Burkina Faso to Mali, from the Ivory Coast to Uganda.
85 percent of our employees are women , employed in the shirts and workwear or spinninggarments, " emphasizes Zambaiti. Convinced that Eritrea, despite the departures of migrants and the accusations of violated rights relaunched by the international press, has a lot to offer: " It is the first country in Africa where Italy should look ".
And after the asylum? "My parents' dream is that one day our Eritrean employees can take over the company," says Zambaiti. "Help can come from the Italian school, another excellence in a country to be rediscovered".

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