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Eritrea: Edaga-Hamus Hospital Providing Commendable Service

Posted by: Ghezae Hagos

Date: Sunday, 04 February 2018

Eritrea: Edaga-Hamus Hospital Providing Commendable Service

Asmara — The Edaga-Hamus Hospital that is currently equipped with the necessary medical equipment and medical personnel is expanding service focusing on ensuring the health of mother and child.
According to the director of the Hospital, Dr. Kifleyesus Tedla the hospital is providing pre and post natal treatment, ensuring fertility, laboratory service as well as dentistry treatment among bothers. He also said that the hospital will start delivery surgical procedure in the near future.
Sister Zufan Zerabruk, head of maternity, indicated that the number of pregnant women seeking treatment and delivering in the hospital is on the rise and that in 2017 delivery service was provided to more than 2 thousand pregnant women.
The beneficiaries on their part commended for the provision of health service in their vicinity.
The Edaga Hamus Hospital that has 23 rooms and 30 beds for delivery service was renovated at a cost of 17 million Nakfa and started providing service on 2 December 2017.


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