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Eritrea for mobile viewing Somalia: Bloody clash between pros and opponents of Farmaajo in Nairobi.

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Somalia: Bloody clash between pros and opponents of Farmaajo in Nairobi.

Increasingly unpopular with the Somali people, the President of the Federal State of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed di Farmaajo, elected indirectly by the federal parliament on February 8, 2017, decided to make the date of 8 February a national day.

At first he asked his government to organize a show at the Mogadishu stadium, but the national security, NISA, advised against it because there was concordant information that advanced the preparation of a counter-demonstration on the opponents of the Farmaajo regime.

Fearing that this would degenerate into a direct confrontation between pros and opponents, Farmaajo was content to do a river interview at the BBC in Somalia and on predefined questions prepared by Fahad Yasin his special adviser.

The clashes averted in Mogadishu take place in Nairobi. Farmaajo pros and members of his government who were organizing a party to celebrate February 8 were the victims of an attack by opponents and relatives of Galbi-dhagah.

This clash resulted in several serious knife wounds and kidnapping.

To be continued…

Hassan Cher




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