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HNA / Ten years imprisonment for murder in Rothenditmold: man had almost killed a woman in Kassel

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 11 March 2018

37-year-old sentenced in addition to compensation for pain

Ten years imprisonment for murder in Rothenditmold: man had almost killed 
 a woman in  Kassel

10.03.18 07:30

Sentenced: The 37-year-old man from Eritrea has been behind bars for ten years. In July of last year he had attacked a woman in Kassel with a knife.© Drawing: Reinckens

Kassel. Verdict in Kassel district court: A 37-year-old man from Eritrea has been behind bars for ten years for attempted murder. 

The 6th Criminal Division of the district court remained so only six months under the prosecution. That the punishment did not turn out even harder, the man owes a dyssozialen personality disorder, combined with schitzophrenia, whereby the chamber, according to judge Volker cap could not rule out a limited ability to control. Nevertheless, the man was fully guilty.

At about 1.30 am on the night of 10 July last year, the defendant had ambushed a then 27-year-old woman at her front door at Frankenberger Strasse in Rothenditmold . In the big handbag, he suspected a lot of money, in fact, the woman had after the shift in a fast food restaurant at the central station only five euros with her.

When the woman screamed for help, the accused stabbed her with a knife at least six times, injuring her stomach and lungs so severely that the woman survived only after an emergency operation. Neighbors called "police, police" , the attacker fled and two weeks later was found over DNA traces under the fingernails of his victim.

In his opinion, Richter Mütze also provided an insight into the desolate life of the defendant, who has been living in Kassel since 2008, who is a member of Hartz IV, who is socially completely isolated and who had contact with the outside world through just one friend. "His pastime was sleeping," said Bonnet.

The victim still suffers from the serious injuries the offender inflicted on her in July 2017. The young woman was full of blood in the hallway, a neighbor had come to her help. 

The man born in Eritrea in 1980 had already come to Germany with his parents in 1982 and quickly developed into a problem child with psychic abnormalities. In a residential group for difficult young people he lived temporarily in Wiesbaden and Eisenach. After minor thefts, the first serious crime occurred in 1998: a 17-year-old girl had "annoyed" him. With a knife he went to the same age to the bed and stabbed. 18 months juvenile were the punishment.

The judgment on Friday took the 37-year-old, as he had sat throughout the entire negotiations in silence and absent on the dock: completely unmoved. To the verdict also the victim had come. The petite young woman is still suffering from the consequences of the attack, has turned from an optimistic and fearless person to a person who is mentally ill, unable to work at night, and walking on the street, resulting from lung pain and daily vomiting the knife wounds are plagued. This was according to judge cap also crucial for the high imprisonment and the fixed compensation of 15,000 euros.

It was Romina Esposito who saved the victim's life in July. In the interview she told us how she is doing today.

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