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( MMnews ) DANAKALI, NEVSUN, CleanTeq

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 11 March 2018


March10, 2018

Short update after our return from Toronto.

As noted in the Tuesday issue, commodity and mining investor Rick Rule said he is now looking for 6 to 12 months to look for the commodities and companies that are currently "out". And in his opinion, that includes silver, gold, uranium or fertilizer.

There would be some bargains on the Potash Stocks. In we have with DANAKALI one of the few shares of this sector in the depot, which owns a project still in the development. And not some project. The Colluli-SOP (Sulphate of Potash) project in Eritrea is, in our opinion, by far the best (because of the unique, high quality nature of the deposit there) and the most lucrative Potash project in the world.

But not only from the Rick Rule'sche anti-cyclical point of view offers a purchase, but also politically DANAKALI could soon get tailwind. Because: Eritrea could possibly soon disappear from the list of "problem states" of the UN. However, we do not want to reiterate that the land has landed there wrongly. But now comes movement in the matter. Because:

Yesterday, a hearing took place at the UN in Geneva, at which, among others, company representatives from NEVSUN and DANAKALI, who are active on site, were allowed to comment on the situation in Eritrea. Chairman Seamus Cornelius spoke for DANAKALI.

A link to the presentation of DANAKALI in front of the UN can be found here: 20180308 / pdf / 43s8s9rl1kzyt9. pdf

DANAKALI praised the cooperation with the government of Eritrea. The country holds a 50% interest in the already fully approved Colluli project through its Eritrean National Mining Company (ENAMCO). The Colluli project, once in production, will have a minimum mine life of at least 200 years and will become one of the most important mining projects in the country, which will bring significant economic, social and infrastructural benefits to the country. DANAKALI also talked about human rights in Eritrea (page 7 of the PDF) and said, among other things, that there was no experience of corruption there, that the country was safe and the people were friendly, that the government had a strong focus on the country's economic development considering

Conclusion: At DANAKALI the long sideways movement should end in 2018 and our patience will be rewarded!

CleanTeq announced AUD $ 150 million in new shares at $ 1.15 per share. This will be used to drive the construction of the Sunrise project (nickel-cobalt scandium). The project has one of the largest cobalt deposits outside the Congo and one of the largest nickel-cobalt deposits in the world. It also has the highest grade scandium deposits in the world. Now it should also be clear why the stock has been so weak in recent weeks. Certainly financial insiders, who were familiar with this capital increase, sold the stock in advance or even hoarded it. This pressure should be over now. Today's response in Australia (+ 6.1% to $ 1.30) also indicates that we have seen the correction low now!

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UN side event in Geneva - Responsible and Sustainable mining in Eritrea - “we will address concerns on Reputation and Political Risk by ensuring compliance with all laws..” Chairman Danakali Mr Seamus Cornelius
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Companies discuss experience in Eritrea: stable, safe working environment, NO experienced corruption, empowerment of local workforce, gender equality, self reliance - trade NOT aid, sensationalised media, Nevsun set an EXEMPLARY precedent of mining operations and governance w GoE

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37th session HR Council:side event:Demystifying Eritrea:The Ground Reality, Mining and Human Rights. H.E Ambassador Gerahtu, Perm Mission Eritrea in Geneva, John Weakliam: Ireland Eritrea Dev Partnership, Todd Romaine, Nevsun Resources and Seamus Cornelius of Danakali Limited.

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