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(Fyens Stiftstidende) Two men from Eritrea were sentenced to several years of imprisonment and expulsion by the Court of Appeal in Odense

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 25 March 2018

Woman was raped twice: Two African men convicted and expelled

  • Woman was raped twice: Two African men convicted and expelledIt was the cruelty of the case, and the incomprehensible explanations of the men, that on Friday evening, the court in Odense received two African men. The men were accused of helping one another hold a woman in the one's apartment in Assens so that they could rape her in turn. File photo.
24 March 2018 

Two men from Eritrea were sentenced to several years of imprisonment and expulsion by the Court of Appeal in Odense on Friday, following a woman's assassination in January. Both have appealed against the verdict to the district court
Odense / Assens: After a nine-hour trial, it ended Friday night with expulsion and a sentence of three and two years of unconditional imprisonment for two African men. The court in Odense sentenced the men to jail and expulsion after 27 January 2018 at 05:00 in the morning helping each other rape a woman in Assens. Both of the accused men refused guilty.


The two African men, 32-year-old Kahsay Isaak Gebregergish and 30-year-old Ermieya's Kiflom Gebreyohannes, were sentenced by expulsion at the court in Odense on Friday and three and two years in prison respectively. 

Persons who have been granted asylum in Denmark who are sentenced to two years or longer imprisonment are usually expelled unless there are particular human rights concerns for example the circumstances in their home country. It was not there in this case. 

By two years' imprisonment, he or she will be sentenced to 12 years of entry in addition to expulsion. In case of longer sentences, the person shall be granted an eternal entry ban. 

The two sentenced men also have to pay 80,000 kroner in compensation for the woman.

The men, both born and raised in Eritrea, came to Denmark two years ago and both had asylum. The two men learned to know each other at their joint workplace and met on Friday night to celebrate 30-year-old Ermieya's Kiflom Gebreyohanne apartment in Assens. Early Saturday morning, after a few beers, his friend, 32-year-old Kahsay Isaak Gebregergish, contacted a friend who was also in town in Assens and agreed to meet with her. She joined the apartment and it was here that Kahsay Isaak Gebregergish pulled her pants and panties and raped her after which he helped hold her so that Ermieya's Kiflom Gebreyohannes could also rape the woman even though she shouted "no" and did strong resistance.


Kahsay Isaak Gebregergish taught the woman to know the language school. The 32-year-old man described them as lovers, whereas the woman described them as friends who had a sexual relationship she no longer wanted. However, she would like to meet with her friend and talk.

The 32-year-old man explained in court that the woman was affected by the hash and kissed him. Then, while his friend was out and bought cigarettes, they had volunteer sex in the apartment. When the friend came back, it was him who raped the woman. Conversely, 30-year-old Ermieya's Kiflom Gebreyohannes explained that the 32-year-old raped the woman while he was out.

The forensic evidence showed traces of sperm from the 32-year-old, who also had scratch marks in the face, and the many bruises on the woman convinced the judges.

Everything should be interpreted

The woman was originally from Greenland, and therefore, in addition to the four police officers who were guarded by the two defendants, there was also an interpreter present who could speak Greenlandic and an interpreter who speaks tigrinja, which is the language , the two African men speak. The fact that everything was to be interpreted and translated into several languages ​​prompted the interrogation of the three parties to withdraw.

In the end, it gave three years imprisonment to the 32-year-old and two-year prison for the 30-year-old, and both were expelled. The judge made their contradictory explanations and the gravity of a double rape based on the verdict. Two years of imprisonment or more is what it takes to give an expulsion sentence.

The two men sat with crossed arms and looked straight into the air at the hearing, but at the trial, the 30-year-old tears got their eyes and had to wipe them away with a piece of paper.

Both of the defendants have children and relatives in Africa, but have appealed the verdict to the Supreme Court, and therefore remain custody in Denmark. writes the names of persons sentenced from one year's unconditional prison and upwards.

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