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(Il Giornale d'Italia) Eritrea: the ruins of ancient Adulis

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 29 March 2018



Eritrea: the ruins of ancient Adulis

A team of Italian experts working on the remains of the 7th century city 
Eritrea: the ruins of ancient Adulis
A team of Italian archaeologists is bringing to light, from nothing and at great cost, the legendary port of Adulis, gem of the desert lost in the maze of time, where history and myth attract each other like sand dunes moved by the wind". These are the words, rather evocative, with which Ansa has reported, in recent days, the important cultural and historical mission in which experts from the boot are engaged in Eritrea.

The story of Adulis, located on the west coast of the Red Sea, is shrouded in mystery. "From the thriving commercial capital of the kingdom of Axum and an exotic crossroads between the colors and the civilizations of the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia, nothing more is known since the seventh century AD", the national press agency recalls. Which then reports the hypothesis made by archaeologists in this regard: the prevailing one is related to the occurrence of a natural cataclysm (hence the nickname of "Pompeii of Africa").

The ongoing mission, coordinated by the Research Center on the Eastern Desert, is now bringing to light what remains of a city of forty hectares entirely in stone ". The discovery, evidently, has numerous implications.Among them, also in the light of what has already been found in previous similar missions, the testimonies relating to the early Christianization of the Horn of Africa. From this point of view - Ansa reports - "the discovery, in the last campaign of 2018, of a large Byzantine church (datable to the V-VI century AD) and of the Western Gate of the city, where the mythical Marble Throne of Adulis, relic sung for its extraordinary beauty and lost today ".

The findings in question took place following the fruitful cooperation established between the Museums of Asmara and Massawa, the Farnesina and numerous Italian universities (Polytechnic of Milan, Catholic University, Eastern University of Naples and Pontifical Institute of Christian Archeology, which will host next November an archaeological exhibition on the excavations currently present at the Museo Castiglioni di Varese), with the financial contribution, as main private sponsor, of Piccini Group.

We are only 1% of the work," Dr. Massa from the Archeology department at Cattolica explained to Ansa, who added: "Adulis is a treasure in constant discovery, our dream is to create an archaeological park to make it known to all this beautiful site, we have often worked in extreme conditions, but it is a pride to represent the excellence of your country and to share aspects of values ​​and culture with the Eritrean people, historically very close to us ".

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