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(Panorama) A Moroccan Asylum seeker gets eight years in prison for stabbing an Eritrean refugee

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 05 April 2018

Asylum seeker gets eight years in prison for stabbing refugee

The Utrecht District Court/Holland sentenced a Moroccan asylum seeker to a prison sentence of eight years. He stabbed a fellow asylum seeker who later died of his injuries.

The incident took place in May of the past year in a reception center in Utrecht. There the Moroccan and a man from Eritrea got into a fight. Then the perpetrator stabbed his victim in his back and ran off.

After his act the perpetrator fled abroad. The court charges the man extra for that. He took no responsibility for his act and showed no repentance. Partly because of this, the sentence at the hearing came to eight years. The man does not agree with this and says that he acted out of severe weather. Because the Moroccan himself sought the confrontation with his victim and stabbed him with great force, the court finds that there is sufficient evidence.

Asylum seeker gets eight years in prison for stabbing refugee 

Eight years in prison for asylum seeker Utrecht

APRIL 5, 2018

UTRECHT - A 35-year-old man from Morocco has been sentenced to eight years in prison for the death stabbing of an asylum seeker. The suspect, who was also an asylum seeker, stabbed the victim at the beginning of May 2017 for a reception location for refugees in Utrecht.

The 18-year-old victim and the suspect quarreled at the reception location. Outside, the 35-year-old man again sought the confrontation. He put the victim in his back and ran away. The man then fled abroad.

There is no question of severe weather, according to the District Court of the Central Netherlands. It was the suspect who came back to the outside again. The court counts heavily on the man that he has taken no responsibility for his actions. He also showed little remorse at the session, according to the ruling. 

Eight years in prison for asylum seeker Utrecht
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