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(TopOnline) Using solar energy to fight poverty in Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Saturday, 12 May 2018

Using solar energy to fight poverty in Eritrea

The Schaffhausen-based organization "Solar-Afropa" wants to do something about poverty in Eritrea with various projects. With the motto "help for self-help" people should be shown how they can use solar energy themselves.

12.05.2018 / 11:46 / from: sbr / mra

Tekle Haile invents such things in his workshop.  (Screenshot: TELE TOP)

It  is the most precious commodity in Africa, the sun. Their energy will be better exploited by solar systems, says Eritrean Tekle Haile, Managing Director and Project Manager "Solar Afropa". He has been living in Switzerland for over 30 years. With the organization he wants to show his compatriots in Eritrea, how they can use the solar energy. In his workshop in Herblingen, he tinkers on a variety of solar-powered things. Be it a fan or a dollhouse. He then brings these to Eritrea and shows people how they work.

The TELE TOP article from the workshop of "Solar-Afropa" in Herblingen:

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