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(DW) The road to peace? Diplomatic ties strengthen in the Horn of Africa

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 07 September 2018


The road to peace? Diplomatic ties strengthen in the Horn of Africa

Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia established a joint cooperation agreement this week, in another major step towards achieving stability in the conflict-ridden region. So is peace finally on the horizon?
The outline of two doves with the colors of Ethiopia and Eritrea flags

The decades-long conflict between states in the Horn of Africa seemed all but forgotten this week as leaders from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia worked to strengthen long-lost diplomatic ties during a tripartite summit in Asmara.

And their efforts already seem to be paying off. Shortly after the three countries formally agreed to enhance economic, political, social, cultural, and security cooperation, Ethiopia opened its first embassy in 20 years in Eritrea on Thursday, less than two months after Eritrea reopened its own embassy in Addis Ababa.

Re-opening of the Ethiopian Embassy in Asmara today: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afwerki hoist Ethiopian Flag. (Eritrean Embassy in Addis Abeba was re-opened in similar fashion on 16 July 2018)

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