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( Six dead in Swiss apartment fire: police

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 26 November 2018

Solothurn SO - Six people died in Swiss apartment fire

26.11.2018 | 07:28

Police Canton of Solothurn

For 6 people any help came too lateAny help came too late for 6 people (Source: Canton Solothurn police)

In a fire in a multiple dwelling in Solothurn six house dwellers died on Monday night. Several people were taken to hospitals. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

For unknown reasons, a fire arose in an apartment building in Solothurn at night on Monday, November 26, 2018. A resident noticed smoke at 2.10 am in the stairwell and informed the alarm center.

20 people were in the building.20 people were in the building. (Source: Police Canton of Solothurn)

Immediately, a large contingent was triggered. There were more than 20 persons in the building, most of them were taken out of the house with the help of the fire brigade. For a total of six people, including children, any help came too late; they died on the spot.

Even children among the dead.Even children among the dead. (Source: Police Canton of Solothurn)

Even during the extinguishing work, the neighboring house was evacuated as a precaution.

Its inhabitants were able to return to their apartments at night. According to initial findings, the fire originated in one of the lower floors and caused a strong smoke. The smoke spread in the building.

Cause of fire not yet known.Cause of fire not yet known. (Source: Police Canton of Solothurn)
Specialists of the cantonal police Solothurn have taken up the investigations to clarify the cause of the fire. In action were dozens of members of the Solothurn fire brigade, the cantonal and city police, ambulances of several rescue services and care teams.

November 26, 2018, 1:38 pm

SolothurnSix dead in residential fire in Switzerland

In a multiple dwelling a fire breaks out, the fire brigade can save the majority of the inhabitants. But for six people the help comes too late. Among them are children.

In the fire of an apartment building, six people died in Solothurn, Switzerland on the night of Monday. These include children, the police said. The victims could not have been brought out of the house alive. Several people were taken to hospitals. What triggered the fire in the lower part of the house in the early morning hours, was still unknown.

The tabloid view quotes a witness. "I suddenly heard women shouting at night, screaming like crazy," said Franco Pedone, 62-year-old neighbor. "I live 50meters from the fire, smelling smoke in the air." Then already the fire department and the police arrived.

The employee of a nearby post office told the news website that the building had been inhabited by asylum seekers. The operator of a café in the district told the news agency AFP that to his knowledge lived in the house, especially people from Eritrea. A police spokeswoman wanted to provide on request, no further details of the identity of the victims and not to mention the number of children killed. The investigators did not yet have all the necessary information, she told AFP. Also, the cause of the fire, which had broken out according to initial findings in the lower floors of the house, is still unclear.

According to the authorities, the fire caused heavy smoke, which spread through the stairwell in the building. The fire department was able to rescue more than a dozen residents from the house during the night. During the firefighting work, she also had a neighboring house temporarily vacated, but the fire did not spread. Solothurn is located about 70 kilometers south of Basel.

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