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(Askanews) Deputy Minister Del Re: Priority Relaunch of Relationship with Asmara

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 05 December 2018

Wednesday 5 December 2018 - 16:29

Deputy Minister Del Re: Priority Relaunch of Relationship with Asmara

Today "long and fruitful meeting" with the president

Rome, 5th December (askanews) - Deputy Foreign Minister Emanuele Del Re had today in Asmara, Eritrea, "a long and fruitful meeting" with President Isaias Afewerki, at the end of which she recalled how "a priority for the Italian government is the revival of the relationship with Asmara and an in-depth partnership with the countries of the Horn of Africa ". This is what sources from the Farnesina have reported to Askanews.

With the President Isaias the Deputy Minister discussed "developments and perspectives of the peace process in the region and the Italian role of accompanying the process"; then the development of bilateral relations, "starting from trade and investment, deepening sectors of possible partnership; finally "the cultural and educational relations were dealt with, as well as the relaunching of the Italian cooperation activity in the country".

"The first trip to Africa as vice minister is in Eritrea. This once again demonstrates the priority that the Italian government attaches to relaunching the relationship with Asmara and a deep partnership with the countries of the Horn of Africa, "said Del Re, adding that" Italy is ready to go into technical details. with the Eritrean counterparts the work tracks for the development of a shared economic partnership ".

During the day, in Asmara "a forum for dialogue with Italian entrepreneurs present in Eritrea was held by the Eritrean government, coinciding with the visit of the Deputy Minister". It is about 80 small and medium-sized companies and associations from various Italian regions.

Tomorrow the Deputy Minister will then continue her trip to Ethiopia, and then conclude it in Djibouti, with the conviction that "a stable and prosperous Horn of Africa enriches everyone".
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