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(VIDEO) Jovanotti, the documentary "Un Chiaro di Luna ad Asmara" has been released

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2018


11 December 2018

Jovanotti, the documentary "Un Chiaro di Luna ad Asmara" has been released

The project, born from the videoclip for the piece "Chiaro di Luna", lasts 45 minutes and tells the days of the singer in Eritrea

Jovanotti, the documentary Un Chiaro di Luna ad Asmara has been released

The charm of Asmara seduced Jovanotti so deeply that it gave birth to the desire to create a documentary. This is the origin of Un Chiaro di Luna in Asmara , a 45-minute project in which the singer-songwriter recounted his experience of a few days in the capital of Eritrea.

Arrived there to shoot the video of Chiaro di Luna , Jova remained for a few days in the city with his staff. After completing the video clip project, the idea was born to document everything from the singer's arrival to her relationship with the city, which has its roots in the Cherubini family's history. In fact, Lorenzo's grandfather was a truck driver in Asmara, when Eritrea was an Italian colony.

In the documentary we also wanted to include the casting for the choice of the protagonists and the work together with the duo of YouNuts (Niccolò Celaia and Antonio Usbergo). According to Jovanotti this documentary is a " travel diary ", accompanied by music composed specifically for the project. At 8.40 minute, the Chiaro di Luna chord tour is recognized , but it is distorted by a flamenco style arrangement .
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