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(Bild) Mother (25) smothered and beheaded baby - nine years imprisonment!

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 01 March 2019

FOUR MONTHS OLD DAUGHTER KILLEDMother (25) smothered andbeheaded baby - nine years imprisonment!

In ihrem Schlusswort hatte die 25-Jährige ihre Tat unter Tränen bedauert. Hier mit ihrem Verteidiger Ulrich Albers

The accused (r.) With her lawyer on Friday before the district court LüneburgPhoto: Philipp Schulze / dpa
01.03.2019 - 12:15
Lüneburg - In the process of the death of her daughter, the Lüneburg district court sentenced a 25-year-old to nine years in prison on Friday for manslaughter.

The 25-year-old had stifled her then four-month-old daughter in December 2016 and then cut off her head.

The defense had assumed a lesser case of manslaughter because the woman had significant disabilities. The court did not think so. The prosecution had pleaded for a sentence of twelve years and ten months.


The 23-year-old woman was said to have suffocated her four-month-old daughter Maya in December 2016 for revenge on the child's father and then cut her off. 

At the beginning of the trial in November 2017, prosecutor Frank Padberg said that she had then put the girl killed on the marriage bed. With the murder she wanted to punish the child's father, who had become violent against her, the prosecution is convinced. The man denied that in court.

The young woman from Eritrea came to Germany as a refugee and had met her friend (27) after his appearance on a boat in the Mediterranean. 

Policemen had discovered the baby's body at the beginning of January in the apartment of the woman in an apartment building in Soltau. The father, who had recently moved out, had alarmed the officials because he could not reach his child's mother. The woman was arrested a week later.

The accused sits before trial in addition to their defender in the district court Lüneburg.  - Philipp Schulze / dpa
The accused sits before trial in addition to their defender in the district court Lüneburg. - Philipp Schulze / dpa
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