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(German Bundestag, parliamentary news) Human rights situation in Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 08 May 2019

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Human rights situation in Eritrea
Foreign Office / Answer - 08.05.2019 (hib 520/2019)

Berlin: (hib / AHE) The Federal Government sees the 2018 agreements between Eritrea and Ethiopia as an "important step towards peace between the two countries and, beyond that, to the political stabilization and economic development of the region". As you in the answer (19/9806 ) to a small question from the group Die Linke (19/8675 ), the published agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia had agreed on comprehensive cooperation in the areas of policy, security, defense, economy, trade, investment, culture and social policy on the basis of complementarity and synergy.

Nevertheless, despite the peace agreement with Ethiopia, the government of the authoritarian state of Eritrea has so far failed to show the corresponding desire for reform. "Human rights are severely limited in Eritrea, and the exercise of the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and religion, freedom of movement and free choice of profession is not guaranteed," writes the Federal Government.

Deutscher Bundestag - Menschenrechtslage in Eritrea


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