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Eritrean Kids Football Fund

Posted by: brhane Semere

Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Selam everyone! 

My name is Noah Berhane and I am 11 years old. I live in London. I love playing football a lot. Currently, I am playing for my local team called Westway under 12.   
Last summer, I visited my home country Eritrea, which is located in East Africa. I had a wonderful time, the country is beautiful and the people are very nice. I had a great time playing football in the capital city Asmara, at Asmara Stadium with over 300 very talented kids. It was a fun experience and a real eye-opener to play in such a wonderful place with very passionate and talented players.
This year I am planning to visit it again, but not with empty hands. I want to contribute, give back and make difference. 
In Eritrea simple things that we take for granted here in our country are lacking. I am raising money to take football training equipment to Eritrea. For example: size 3 training footballs for under 7s to the under 9s age groups, and size 4 & 5 for age groups 9 to 14 age groups (it is very important to use the correct size football). Also I would like to donate other important training equipment like bibs, cones, speed and agility ladders, hurdles, poles, mannequins, folding goals, escape belts, rebounders, a medical first aid bag and full football kits.  
The start has been encouraging: I have already received 165 full football kits (T-shirts, shorts and socks) for under age 12s from Robin at Westway Sport Centre. Thank you Robin!
The money we raised will make a real difference to the quality of many young people’s lives. 
Every penny I raise will go straight to the kids in Eritrea.
Your generosity not only helps the kids to enjoy football and have healthy disciplined lives but also will produce tomorrows’ world-class footballers. 
Together we can make huge difference!
Thank you so much for your time and donation!

Support for Eritrean grassroots football

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