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UCI World Championship 2019 - 'Eritrea got the best fans by miles'

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Wednesday, 25 September 2019

UCI World Championship 2019 - 'Eritrea got the best fans by miles'

Harrogate 25th September 2019,

Yorkshire is ready to welcome Eritrean Cycling Fans!
The Eritrean Cream of the international road cycling will be ready to produce
lifetime performances in the quest for the most prestigious item of cycling apparel,
on Friday 27th and Sunday 29th September 2019.

With start locations throughout Yorkshire, all roads lead to the finish line in Harrogate
where the will be watching. Spectators at the roadsides are in for a treat during these
UCI Road World Championships, while the millions of television viewers will also soak
up the atmosphere produced by intense racing and the Yorkshire crowds.

The biggest and loudest set of fans at the 2019 World Championships are definitely from Eritrea!
They’re not very hard to spot. Just look for the dozens of enormous Eritrean flags fluttering
in the muggy air in downtown Harrogate & Leeds along the road race course at the World Championships. We think there will probably be hunderts coming weekend.

We are greatly looking forward to witnessing our national team performances, which will
set the tone for the coming days of incredible racing. We would like to wish our National Team
the very best of luck, we know that they will have a fantastic support from the fans this week,
when the county becomes the beating heart of the cycling world.

The victory of Eritrean Cyclists in any competition is celebrated nationally. the celebrations have become part of the tradition. The Eritrean fans would lineup on the streets to cheer their cyclists vividly. This has demonstrated that Eritrea indeed lives and breathes cycling.

Embassy Media,
Harrogate 2019

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