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Health of women and girls in Africa | Australia's fires

Posted by: The Conversation Global

Date: Wednesday, 13 November 2019


Editor's note

A summit is under way in Nairobi that aims to get commitments to speed up progress on women’s health across the continent. The main areas that need attention include reducing maternal deaths, making sure women have access to family planning and protecting them from gender-based violence. There will be a strong drive to get governments to commit funds. But, as Alex Ezeh explains, raising money is just part of what’s needed. Commitment to take action is also a prerequisite to making serious advances.

From Sydney, Rachel Badlan helps us understand the verocity of the fires sweeping across Australia’s New South Wales.

Ina Skosana

Health + Medicine Editor

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Women and girls in Gayo village, Ehtiopia collect water from a rain water pool which is purified with tablets before use. Shutterstock

Fresh drive to close gaps on health issues facing women and girls

Alex Ezeh, Drexel University

The aim is to reduce maternal deaths, address the unmet need for family planning and end gender-based violence by 2030.

A firestorm on Mirror Plateaun Yellowstone Park, 1988. Jim Peaco/US National Park Service

Firestorms and flaming tornadoes: how bushfires create their own ferocious weather systems

Rachel Badlan, UNSW

Large, intense bushfires can pump so much heat into the atmosphere they form their own thunderstorm system. And that can make the weather on the ground even more dangerously unpredictable.

Politics + Society

Tanzanian girls need support, not threats, to avoid pregnancy

Kate Pincock, University of Oxford

Tanzania's government must focus on the drivers of teenage pregnancy, which are entirely overlooked in current punitive policies, instead of expelling and arresting schoolgirls.

Where Brexit will leave the UK’s human rights diplomacy

Sean Molloy, Newcastle University; Conall Mallory, Newcastle University

A new study examined what the UK priorities – and sidelines – at the UN Human Rights Council.

Energy + Environment

The East Asian monsoon is many millions of years older than we thought

Alex Farnsworth, University of Bristol

Scientists have reconstructed the monsoon over 145m years – and found it predates the Himalayas.

Can the Paris Agreement on climate change succeed without the US? 4 questions answered

Henrik Selin, Boston University

President Trump has confirmed that the US will leave the Paris Agreement on climate change on the earliest allowable date: Nov. 4, 2020. Will this hobble efforts to slow global warming?

Rivers are changing all the time, and it affects their capacity to contain floods

Louise Slater, University of Oxford; Abdou Khouakhi, Loughborough University; Robert Wilby, Loughborough University

In failing to acknowledge that the capacity of rivers can change quickly, some flood models and defences may not be equipped to deal with the consequences when they do.

Antarctica’s first zero emission research station shows that sustainable living is possible anywhere

Kate Winter, Northumbria University, Newcastle

Living sustainably has its challenges, but none greater than in the climate and geography of Antarctica.

Health + Medicine

Antibiotic-resistant infections could destroy our way of life: New report

Gerry Wright, McMaster University

A new report estimates that by 2050, 40 per cent of all infections will be resistant to antimicrobial treatment. This will directly cause 13,700 previously preventable deaths.

Why you shouldn’t write off e-cigarettes, despite the headlines

Caitlin Notley, University of East Anglia

Governments around the world are banning e-cigarettes. This is very bad news for public health.

En français

Comment fabrique-t-on l’immigration irrégulière en France ?

Speranta Dumitru, Université Paris Descartes

La France est la championne européenne des obligations à quitter le territoire et les vingt mesures annoncées par le gouvernement n’y feront rien.

L’entrée de Disney dans la guerre du streaming fragilise l’hégémonie de Netflix

Oihab Allal-Chérif, Neoma Business School

Disney rejoint les GAFA et les anciens groupes audiovisuels qui mettent tout en œuvre pour séduire les abonnés de Netflix, l’ennemi public numéro 1 dans le monde du streaming.

En español

Por qué los Grammy le dan un palo al Flamenco

Antonio Manuel Rodríguez Ramos, Universidad de Córdoba

Los premios más importantes de la música latina han suprimido la categoría de "Mejor álbum de Flamenco" en este 2019 por no alcanzar el número mínimo de trabajos presentados.

Huertos urbanos, la despensa sostenible de las ciudades

Beatriz Urbano, Universidad de Valladolid

El proyecto CityZen de la UE promueve políticas locales que apoyen nuevos modelos de negocio de agricultura urbana, mejoras para los productores locales y cadenas de valor innovadoras.


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