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Help to our nation on COVID-19

Posted by: Ben Araya

Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2020

We, as a nation, are always stand as one to help as much as we can when our nation needs us. We've done it throughout the struggle and mostly when the weyane became a problem.
Now, our country especially the Health minister are doing all they can to prevent the pandemic COVID-19 and they are successful as we've been following through.
Recently a case was detected with one Eritrean citizen arriving from Norway and he is in quarantine, including those passengers in the plane.
We all appreciate the care and preparedness our health minister is doing, but we, the citizens of Eritrea are asking if there is a unified way we can help.
Conference calls will be done on all updates by our Embassy staff and here is the site we can all follow through as it'll keep updated regularly. 
Visit and share with all your contacts as the situation does not give us time to relax.

Come all as one 

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