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Hong Kong events point to China's intentions

Posted by: The Conversation Global

Date: Tuesday, 14 July 2020


China’s decision to impose a new security law in Hong Kong has raised concern around the world. Britain asserts that China has breached their 1984 agreement which guarantees Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy until 2047. Nikki Alsford and Ed Griffith write that China’s move shows a clear disregard for international treaties – and should be a warning shot for the region.

Gemma Ware

Global Affairs Editor and Podcast Producer

Protesting in Hong Kong now comes with hugely higher stakes. Miguel Candela/EPA

China is becoming increasingly assertive – security law in Hong Kong is just the latest example

Niki JP Alsford, University of Central Lancashire; Ed Griffith, University of Central Lancashire

China is shifting the parameters on a number of territorial disputes with its neighbours.

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Suicide of Egyptian activist Sarah Hegazi exposes the ‘freedom and violence’ of LGBTQ Muslims in exile

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The WHO often has been under fire, but no nation has ever moved to sever ties with it

Andrew Lakoff, University of Southern California – Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

The WHO is a health agency, not a political one. Yet political leaders have often criticized it. Still, the move by the US to pull out from the organization is unprecedented.


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