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Date: Monday, 28 September 2020

By: Yemane Tsegay

[September 27/2020]


Asena TV has released a new video on September 17, 2020.   In the video the Asena TV personnel were interviewing Bereket for the second time and as expected, I noticed he has read few Articles in Tigrinya that included Article 14(2) of the Eritrean ratified 1997 unenacted constitution but he avoided reading the Articles in English language; he only read the articles in the Tigrinya language version, WHY?

For example Article 14{2} states as follows:

“No person may be discriminated against on account of race, ethnic origin, language, color, gender, religion, disability, age, political view, or social or economic status or any other improper factors.”


This is what I have been saying all along that the 1997 unenacted constitution had it been signed off  by the president of Eritrea it would have been detrimental to the Eritrean National Society because it would have legally sanctioned immoral anti Eritrean cultural behaviors; it would have legally allowed the public to engage in Prostitutions or the LGBTQ lifestyles, and it would have allowed the usage of any dangerous illegal drugs. All these are Improper Factors and more.  All these do not reflect the Eritrean cultural moral values and beliefs as highlighted in the National EPLF?PFDJ Charter or the Eritrean penal code from 2015 or any other proclamations including in our customary laws (Highi-Endaba).

 Bereket was entertaining his beloved constitution, with the Asena TV.  I think what Bereket and the Asena TV. entertains are campaigning to change the Eritrean perceptions about the word improper, or, only in the legal text interpretations of each of them in the larger political context.  Had this constitution be enacted it would have been  the end of Eritrea.  Then the  obvious question that follows would be: how would it happen? 

 It was explicitly designed by the progressives through their facilitator Bereket Habteselassie to empower all of the anti social deviant people to motivated them so that their sexual life styles could multiply and eventually gain accesses into the government that they could mandate more and more anti social behaviors based on improper factors. 

For a clear understanding, let us look Article 14 (2) out of the 14 Articles identified that needs investigations: For more reading follow this link.  It was done through an add on word like OR as a conjunction to link alternatives of crimes such as Pro LGBTQ life styles, OR  Prostitution, as well as the use of the word “ONLY”  means no one or nothing more or exclusively. Additionally, you don’t use the word ANY it is going to be used by future deviant minded groups or individuals who will be legally allowed engaged in LGBTQ  life or any mental sick behavior.

The eventual goal was meant to progressively change the “National Eritrean Public High Level of Pride to engage in any activity that is considered Improper.

The word  Improper means in Law and Legal Definition it is "independently wrongful" acts including: threats, violence, trespass, defamation, and misrepresentation of fact....................

..............continue to read it

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