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Unabashed Hypocrisy

Posted by: Tesfay Aradom

Date: Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Unabashed Hypocrisy

By Tesfay Aradom
Feb. 15, 2021
The Eritrean people still have vivid memories of the callous silence, reprehensible inaction and complicity of some Western nations when, for more than two decades, the minority regime of Ethiopia committed atrocious crimes against innocent civilians and relentlessly conspired to bring about diplomatic isolation and economic sanctions on the Government of Eritrea.

Below are a few examples of the crimes committed by the defunct TPLF on the people of Eritrea:
 Illegal expulsion of eighty thousand Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean descent
 Looting of their hard-earned property and financial resources
 Raping of Eritrean women
 Summary execution of Eritrean POWs
 Wanton destruction of infrastructure to destroy the Eritrean economy
 Pillaging and then razing entire villages to the ground
 Desecration of Eritrean fighters’ cemeteries
 Defacement and destruction of cultural icons
 Collusion with the US administration to have illegal sanctions imposed on Eritrea based on fabricated charges
 Illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory despite EEBC’s final and binding decision

So the current frantic smear campaigns by some Western nations to tarnish the reputation of the GOE have to do with their realization that their much touted “regional superpower” has been destroyed and their ability to influence political events in the region severely diminished. Nothing to do with humanitarian considerations. So, having no morality authority to level accusations against the Government of Eritrea they should desist from peddling lies and recycled disinformation.

Instead of showing contrition for their failed policies and the subsequent immense suffering experienced by the Eritrean people , they are frantically trying to deflect attention from the real cause of the conflict in Ethiopia and implicate the Eritrean government. Needless to say, it will be an exercise in futility on their part to continue to make concerted efforts to convince the international community that the blatant lie advanced by the TPLF and its remnants is the truth.

The objective and subjective conditions in the HOA have dramatically changed. The forces of evil and destruction have either become defunct or rendered inconsequential. By contrast, the peoples of the HOA will no longer be hoodwinked by the nefarious activities of these Western nations and the political organizations beholden to them. At this historical juncture, therefore, it behooves these nations to abandon their failed policies and embrace the new reality in the HOA. Such a change in attitude would bode well for the region’s political and economic future.

February 15, 2021

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