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English Translation - Annual Celebration of Saint Mary of Zion in Aksum shot on 30th November 2020

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Thursday, 04 March 2021

English Translation - Annual Celebration of Saint Mary of Zion in Aksum shot on 30th November 2020
Fana broadcasting corporate shot this clip on the 30th of November 2020 and it uploaded it to YouTube on 4th of December 2020. Here is a translation from Amharic to English which includes the interviews of participants who took part in the holy event peacefully celebrating the annual Saint Mary of Zion in Aksum in Tigray.
By Sara Isaias
You know that there is going to be a review of the mandate of the UN’s Special Rapporteur, when the  internet is flooded with a plethora of hastily put together, regurgitated, debunked claims against Eritrea. I have a sneaky suspicion that in organisations like Amnesty that purport to stand for Human Rights, as along it furthers the questionable political ambition of their sponsors, all annual leave must be cancelled when one of those UN meetings looms in the distant horizen keeping with their tradition, the latter part of February of 2021 saw the cyber world awash with  unfounded claims about non existent Eritrean troops in Ethiopia. One such report was the Amnesty reported dated 25th

In a report than spanned over 25 pages, Amnesty went into quite some detail about killings that were supposed to have happened a day or two before the most holiest of days in the Orthodox calendar, the annual celebration of St Mary of Zion on 30th November, without providing a shred of tangible evidence. The entire report was based on anonymous and unsubstantiated sources.

Ironically, in a sign of the changing times, it was a news clip broadcast by the Ethiopian state owned TV station, Fana Broadcasting, that put a stake right through the heart of Amnesty’s claims. The wheels came off Amnesty’s report when a video clip of the celebrations in Axum, which had supposedly been cancelled if Amnesty was to be believed,  shot on 30th of November 2021 and uploaded on YouTube on 4th December 2020 surfaced, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the vicious untrue claims made by Amnesty, were vile lies produced by the deranged minds of those that claim to be advocates of Human Rights, when in reality they are merchants of death, who have a craving for the blood of innocent Africans. Reading the report one gets a sense of the writers chomping at the bits to see widespread unrest and bloodshed, as result of their report that was intended to trigger a religious war by claiming that it was predominately Muslim Eritrean troops that were responsible for the atrocities in the Holy city of Axum.

If Amnesty had a modicum of decency and had an honest bone in its body, it would immediately come out and apologise, but as pigs have yet to fly, we should not hold our breath and expect Amnesty to do the right thing

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