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Report / Pictures - Eritrean Martyrs Day Commemorated Throughout United Kingdom

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Monday, 21 June 2021

Eritrean Martyrs Day Commemorated Throughout United Kingdom 

Eritrean communities in the UK commemorated martyrs day in their respective localities. The official commemoration was broadcasted virtually live from Embassy Media studio on the 19th of June. The event was presided in the presence of the UK organising committee, martyr’s families and representatives of those undertaking sporting activities to mark the remembrance of Eritrean Martyrs.

During the virtual ceremony H.E. Estifanos Habtemariam, the Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the UK and Ireland gave an opening speech and various other programmes, which reflected the event including interviews, artistic works, poems and songs by children were also presented .

On June 20th communities in 4 different locations of London (East, West, North & South) also commemorated the event. Communities Newcastle, Leicester, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Coventry, Nottingham, Birmingham also commemorated the event.

Communities in Birmingham in particular on the 19th of June also commemorated the event in a unique manner in city centre. Eng Mulugeta Gebreab created lighting design which represents Eritrean Martyrs. 
The design was very inspiring and captivating to kids. In what seems to be the first of its kind, they provided gifts to the children attending the event. As all other Eritreans in the UK, the community in Birmingham also commemorated the event on June 20th. In the sphere of sports, a 10k run also aimed at commemorating the event was also conducted by various individuals in London. 
Mr Teame Tesfamariam, Mr Goitom Seyoum and others who ran along them today had also previously taken such initiatives in the past during COVID19 lock down. Mr Teame had last year run with his two sons to raise funds for Martyr’s families. Similarly, Mr Goitom also ran throughout the month of February for the Fenkil run challenge to raise funds to the Eritrean National War Disabled Veteran Association. 
Similarly, the London cycling team which has been commemorating the event for the past 6 years, has also managed to cover yet again another 100 kms cycling ride to commemorate and raise awareness along their route. They have managed to successfully find many business sponsors and individuals who have contributed for their fundraising initiative. Notably they got a £500 donation form a non-Eritrean friend who had heard of their resourcefulness to raising funds for the cause.

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