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Obituary - Mesfen Manna Adhanom

Posted by: negus manna

Date: Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Hello Hanna,

I respectfully request your assistance in posting the typed Obituary of my late Uncle to notify family and friends back home. 


Negus Manna

808 367 6319


To all our families and friends:

Our beloved Mesfen Manna Adhanom passed away on September 9th, 2021 in Lexington, Kentucky. Mesfen Manna was seventy-four years old. He was the son of Fitwerari Manna Adhanom and Absera Habtegioris. He was married to Robin Scott-Manna. He leaves behind his brothers Bereket Manna, and Habteab Manna, and has joined his late siblings Tibletz Manna, Hideat Manna, Azeb Manna, Amsale- Ghenet Manna and Mehari Manna.

Mesfen Manna Senior was the father of Mesfen Manna Junior, Tarik Manna and the late Saba Manna.

He was also a proud grandfather of three grandchildren Nara Manna, Waliyah Manna, and Kamilah Manna.

Mesfen Manna was a loving, caring, kind, and very proud man who was very quick to help anyone in need. He will be buried in his home country of Eritrea.

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