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Three Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team (TSG) riders displayed sensational cycling after each grabbed the podium position at the Gundogmus Grand Prix (GP) in Turkey

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 20 March 2022

GP Gündogmus - Terengganu Polygon hat-trick, Anatoliy Budyak wins
Photo: Facebook Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team

GP Gündogmus - Terengganu Polygon hat-trick, Anatoliy Budyak wins

Published on03/20/2022 at 15:32by Nicolas Gauthier

The day after the Manavgat Side Grand Prix , won by the Russian Mamyr Stash (Cycling Sport Club OLYMP), a new one-day race was held this Sunday in Turkey, the Gündogmus Grand Prix . By placing three of its riders in the top three places, the Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team put on a real show, with victory going to Ukrainian Anatoliy Budyak . Strongest rider in the final climb (9.8 km at 7.7%), the winner of a stage on the Tour of Rwanda was ahead of Eritrean Metkel Eyob by 5 and 22 seconds respectively , second like the year last, and the Mongol Jambaljants Sainbayar .Budyak succeeds Colombian Carlos Quintero .

01 Anatolii BudiakTerengganu Polygon Cycling Team2:38:29
02 Metkel EyobTerengganu Polygon Cycling Team+ 05
03 Jambaljamats SainbayarTerengganu Polygon Cycling Team+ 22
04 Mustafa SayarSakarya BB Pro Team+ 25
05 Daniil MarukhinAlmaty Cycling Team+ 30
06 Igor ChzhanAlmaty Cycling Team+ 30
07 Baasankhuu MyagmarsurenFerei Mongolia Development Team+ 1:38
08 Yegor StrelnikovSko Team Wine+ 1:38
09 Halil DoganBike Aid+ 1:38
10 Samet BulutSport Toto Cycling Team+ 1:39

GP Gündogmus - Triplé de la Terengganu Polygon, Anatoliy Budyak l'emporte

ደርፊ ሻማ - መርሃዊ ተወልደ and Cos!!