Dehai News Sanctions Showdown With Ethiopia: The Wrath of Biden

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Monday, 31 October 2022

Professor Alemayehu Ghebremariam
October 30, 2022

Author’s Note:

The Biden administration is at the end of its wits in its policy towards Ethiopia.

Over the past two years, the Biden administration left no stones unturned to help the terrorist TPLF win an outright military victory against the Ethiopian Government in three campaigns. Failed!

The Biden administration mobilized the European Union, the United Nations and certain Western countries to pressure Ethiopia to submit to TPLF demands. Failed!

The Biden administration coordinated and organized the Western press-titute media to demonize, stigmatize, ostracize and dehumanize Ethiopians and their democratically elected government. Failed!

The Biden administration worked with key members of the US Congress to sponsor punitive legislation to impose crippling sanctions on Ethiopia. Failed!

The Biden administration terminated Ethiopia from participation in the African Growth and Opportunity Act regime throwing out tens of thousands of thousands of poor Ethiopians out of work. Failed! (No doubt those factory workers, mostly women, were thrown into unemployment and poverty. Biden can chalk that up as his victory!)

Come hell or high water,




Is the Ethiopian Government negotiating with terrorist TPLF or the Biden Administration?

Duplicity comes from the Late Latin word duplicitās, meaning “doubleness” or twofold.

Applied to Biden administration’s diplomacy (a/k/a “dumbplomacy”) in Ethiopia, it means pretending to play the role of concerned mediator and arbiter while secretly conspiring and working like the devil in hell to save the terrorist TPLF from military defeat and restore it to power in Ethiopia.

Since terrorist TPLF attacked Ethiopia’s Northern Command on November 4, 2022, and its defeat shortly thereafter, individuals soon-to-be top-level members of the incoming Biden administration (including Susan Rice, Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan) have been using the language of diplomatic duplicity to enable the TPLF to murder, plunder and gain military victory in Ethiopia and gain international legitimacy.

I have documented that meticulously in previous commentaries.

Almost two years to the week of the initial TPLF terrorist attack on November 4, 2020, it is now showtime and showdown time.

On October 21, 2022, three days before the start of peace talks between the Ethiopian Government and representatives of the terrorist organization in South Africa, a black woman, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield was given the dirty job of throwing down the gauntlet to Ethiopia. (Reminds me of the duping of Gen. Colin Powell with his UN statement on the bogus weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.)

Thomas-Greenfield fired a shot across the bow threatening “the US is prepared to take appropriate measures” if the Ethiopian Government and terrorist TPLF do not reach a resolution to the conflict.”

In her October 21, 2022 statement, Thomas-Greenfield hectored:

    The situation in Ethiopia is spiraling out of control. The social fabric is being ripped apart, and civilians are paying a horrific price. Thousands of Ethiopian, Eritrean, and TPLF forces are engaged in active combat. The scale of the fighting and deaths rival what we’re seeing in Ukraine, and innocent civilians are being caught in the crossfire. Over two years of conflict, as many as half a million – half a million – people have died…

She concluded, “The United States remains prepared to take appropriate measures against those who obstruct a resolution of this conflict, and we are determined to have those who commit human rights abuses held to account.”

The Ethiopian Government’s core demands in the peace talks are the demands of any reasonable sovereign government in the world facing the scourge of terrorism.

Before formal peace talks can begin, the Ethiopian government insists the TPLF must 1) disarm, 2) demobilize, 3) demilitarize and 4) end all armed resistance by itself and its proxy terrorists throughout the country.

Kindeya Gebrehiwot, terrorist TPLFspokesman stated three demands: 1) immediate cessation of hostilities, 2) unrestricted humanitarian access and 3) withdrawal of Eritrean forces from Tigray.

Unstated for public consumption but likely are demands for general amnesty for its leaders and fighters, safe passage out of Ethiopia and decertification of TPLF as a terrorist organization by the Ethiopian Government.

Not surprisingly, the three demands of the terrorist TPLF are also the exact same demands of the Biden administration.

Both the TPLF and Biden administration are using the same playbook and coordinating behind the scenes to pressure Ethiopia into accepting those conditions.............

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