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Eritreans bringing terrorists of Giessen to court

Posted by: Dimtzi Eritrawian1 Kab German

Date: Sunday, 12 February 2023

Eritreans bringing terrorists of Giessen to court

On 20.08.2022, a brutal attack took place in Giessen on the German constitutional state and democracy as well as on the Eritrean diaspora in Europe. In the middle of Germany, peaceful volunteers who helped set up the concert, visitors of the concert as well as police officers were injured in duty. Originally, the concert planned for the day was part of
a European tour of young Eritrean artists, which had started successfully at the Eritrea Festival in Stockholm/Sweden until then. The artists wanted to perform in several European cities and inspire us
with music from our homeland. Instead, it came to a systematically prepared attack from ambush, which was announced by many attackers previously online and even streamed live during the event.
These were armed with iron bars, batons, knives and stones. A supposedly peaceful demonstration against the concert announced by their sympathizers gave the attackers cover to get to the site.
Subsequently, the violent mob of about 100 people gained access to the outside area of the concert venue via a fence. There, the attack on the volunteers, who were in the courtyard of the site, began
immediately. According to police reports, the attackers injured 26 helpers - some of them seriously.

In addition, six police officers were injured. The fact that the attack did not result in any deaths is really due to chance, as some of the perpetrators had also announced their willingness to kill on social media
and even confirmed it after the act.

To this day, not all wounds have healed.
To this day, people are traumatized.
To this day, the perpetrators of Giessen walk around with impunity spreading hatred and incitement, defaming the victims and propagating against our Eritrean culture and identity.
They insult, threaten and announce further attacks against Eritrean associations, for example the Eritrean Orthodox Church.
The perpetrators of Giessen and those behind them must be brought to court. They must be convicted and prosecuted for their actions. Such court proceedings are lengthy and therefore costly and many
of the victims cannot afford their own lawyers to the extent they need.
The attack against the concert in Giessen was at the same time an attack against all Eritreans living peacefully in the diaspora. We as the Central Council of Eritreans in Germany have rallied many Eritrean associations behind us, who together with us want to bring these criminals and their political puppet-master disguised as so-called opponents of the regime to court and stabilize peace and the basic democratic order again. That is why we also want to give each of you the chance to participate
in this legal fight for justice.

The money raised through this fundraiser will be used to pay the lawyers who will represent us and the victims of the attacks in court. If there is any money left over after the proceedings are concluded,
it will be kept and used for legal protection against future similar attacks against our community and cultural values. Violence and agitation must not be given space in a democratic society to push through
political interests.
Over the past four months, the police and the public prosecutor's office in Giessen have conducted a wide range of investigations and collected a huge amount of evidence.
We are convinced that soon the first criminal accusations will have their effect and the first perpetrators will be brought to court. Therefore, we call on you worldwide to support us at this point with your contribution, no matter how small or big it might be.
Every little bit helps us to support the victims in their struggle for justice and to ensure that such events are not repeated here or elsewhere.

If you want to donate, please use either by goFundme or by bank transfer as follows:-


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2) per Bank transfer please use the below Bank Institute 

Zentralrat der Eritreer in Deutschland e. V.

IBAN: DE 26 5004 0048 0461 7312 00


Bank Name: Commerzbank

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In case of any questions, please contact us per Email:-


Awet Nhafash !

The Central Council of Eritrean in Germany

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