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A Statement By The Ministry Of Fisheries Condemning The Eritrean Attack On The Yemeni Fishermen

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 16 June 2023

A Statement By The Ministry Of Fisheries Condemning The Eritrean Attack On The Yemeni Fishermen

SANA'A Saba) - The Ministry of Fisheries condemned on Thursday the attack on a number of Yemeni fishermen by Eritrean forces during a fishing trip in Yemeni territorial waters.

In a statement received by the Yemeni News Agency (SABA), the Ministry stated that fisherman Malik Mohammed Abdullah Geyrd of the Khokha district of Hodeida had suffered a gunshot wound that resulted in the loss of his left eye, while his six companions were forcibly detained in Eritrean prisons.

This attack and Eritrean maritime piracy crimes and its flagrant attacks on Yemeni fishermen constitute a flagrant violation of international and humanitarian law. To call upon the international community and human rights organizations to act to halt these ongoing crimes against Yemeni fishermen.

It commended Yemeni fishermen ' pride in their profession and their reliance on them to provide food for their families under aggression and blockade.. called on the Eritrean side to cease its violations of fishermen's rights and respect for maritime interests in international waters.

The Ministry of Fisheries called on the international community to take a clear and explicit position to hold the Eritrean authorities accountable for their acts of aggression against fishermen in territorial waters. Confirmed that Yemen would vigorously defend its people and protect its territorial waters.


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