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The President of Eritrea called NATO a flawed organization that declared war on Russia

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Saturday, 29 July 2023

The President of Eritrea called NATO a flawed organization that declared war on Russia

 Plot Russia-Africa Summit
Mikhail Metzel / RIA Novosti

Moscow, July 29 - AiF-Moscow.

NATO is a flawed organization that has declared war on Russia, Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki said at talks with Vladimir Putin.

"It is not Russia that has declared war on Ukraine. It is NATO that has declared war on Russia," he said.

According to the Eritrean leader, Ukraine has become a victim, a price that Western countries are willing to pay.

"The West perceives Russia as a threat, and at the cost of Ukraine they are trying to defeat it. Now Ukraine has become a battlefield and a sacrifice that they bring. This is a war for hegemony. The world must stand on the same side with Russia so that this hegemony does not prevail," he said. Afeverki.

He also called the collapse of the USSR a tragedy for the whole world. The Soviet Union for the whole world was a hope for deliverance from the hegemony of the West, from the consequences of colonialism, the Eritrean leader believes.

"Unfortunately, the leaders of the USSR decided to stop the existence of this country and this became a tragedy for the whole world," he lamented.

According to Afewerka, the West hoped that after the end of the USSR their hegemony would be eternal.

"They continue the policy of slavery in a different form, enslaving our countries economically," the leader said.

"We must develop a counter strategy. Russia must take the lead and develop this strategy. Russia has a historical mission. Vladimir Putin is the leader of this process. I am not flattering you now. I am saying that we are entering the fight against the hegemony of the West. We ready to join Russia in this fight, but Russia should not do everything. We must also do our part," the Eritrean leader said.

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