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( Eritrea event in Stuttgart: Mayor Nopper strongly condemns the riots

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 18 September 2023

September 18, 2023 Security
(from left to right) police press spokesman Timo Brenner, police vice president Carsten Höfler, mayor Dr. Frank Nopper, mayor Dr. Clemens Maier and the head of the Stuttgart public order office Susanne Scherz at today‘s press conference in the Roman fort. There are several murder weapons on the table in front of them.

September 18, 2023 Security

Eritrea event in Stuttgart: Mayor Nopper strongly condemns the riots

On Saturday there were riots on the sidelines of an Eritrea event in the Roman fort in Stuttgart. The police and the city commented on the events at a press conference.

Stuttgart‘s mayor Dr. Frank Nopper said: “We strongly condemn the violence and riots on the sidelines of the Eritrea event. We must take decisive action against the emergence of conflicts from other states on German soil. In my opinion, those who have committed criminal offenses must be punished harshly and quickly.” Nopper took part in the police press conference in the Roman fort today. There he said: “In my opinion, those who have committed criminal offenses have also forfeited their right to hospitality. The German judiciary and possibly also the Swiss judiciary will make the final decision on this, because expulsion and deportation depend on the sentence.” Police Vice President Carsten Höfler had previously explained that

Nopper continued: “Our heartfelt thanks go to the emergency services, to our police for their courageous and committed efforts and our wishes for recovery go to the injured police officers, especially those who were seriously injured.” When asked why the city of Eritrea ‐Event had not been banned in advance, he replied: ““Such an event that takes place in closed rooms can only be banned in very specific exceptional cases: if an event is carried out by a banned organization or if it can be assumed that Crimes are committed at this event. The association that organized this Eritrea seminar in the Roman fort is

After there were disturbances from outside by four people at a similar event in 2022, the state police and the city informed each other about the available findings. This procedure is common at events where disruptions can be expected, according to Stuttgart‘s mayor Dr. Clemens Maier. At meetings there is already an exchange with the police about all registered actions. “As a city, we rely on the risk assessment that the police prepare in advance of an event based on police findings. It was not assumed that there was any particular risk in connection with the event.”

The counter‐event was announced, but not registered

The head of the Stuttgart public order office, Susanne Scherz, said that on September 13th the city announced that a counter‐demonstration would be registered for the day of the Eritrea event. The next day, however, the city was informed that there would be no counter‐event. “That is, the announcement was not fleshed out in terms of details: when, who, where, how many, who is the meeting chair? In this respect, we have been in contact with the police regarding the meeting situation and the assessment from the last few years.”

The state capital Stuttgart is in continuous exchange with the migrant organizations in the city. Integration officer Gari Pavkovic: “Our line in regular discussions with the various migrant organizations is that we in Stuttgart will not tolerate any arguments or riots related to the conflicts in the countries of origin. We will immediately start talking to the clubs based in Stuttgart next week.”


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