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The foreign scintist's view on educational systems of Russia and Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Tuesday, 03 October 2023

Angesom Gebremeskel, Eritrea
The foreign scintist's view on educational systems of Russia and Eritrea. 


— Several points that distinguish studying process in Russia

— I can compare the level of education in Russia and in Eritrea. The quality of education in Russia, especially in the University of Tyumen can be characterized by several points: good facilities, laboratories equipped with advanced instruments, qualified experts, young scientists and researchers, good educational environment, the educational administration is efficient in the system management, opportunities to get a huge grant to lead qualified projects and to be employed during studying and so on!

— Is education in Russia considered prestigious in your homeland?

— The Russian education has a great honor and recognition in Eritrea, because it plays a great role in the development of the nation especially in the development of human resources of the country. Every year we can get a free education scholarship for studying different universities in Russian Federation. Moreover, it plays a great role in the development of human resources in all Ministries of the Government.


— What is the difference between higher and secondary education in Russia and in your home country?

— There is no much difference, especially in the secondary educational system in my country and in the Russian Federation. As for the higher education, the educational curriculum is not that much developed in my country. There is a shortage of experts, specialists, educational facilities, even the level of education, there are some good bachelor’s and master’s programs, but totally there is no a decent variant for PhD study. Usually to get this degree people move to different developed countries.

— How do you plan to develop and apply your research after completing your studies at UTMN?

— As I have already explained, there is a shortage of experts and specialists in the educational system and research activities in my country. So, after finishing my PhD study, I am going to implement or share it in my country, as well as all the experience which I have gained from the Russian qualified University of Tyumen, namely in X-Bio during my study period.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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