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Urgent Official Statement 21 October 2023

Posted by: "Eritrean Seaman Union ማሕበር ባሕሬኛታት ኤርትራ"

Date: Saturday, 21 October 2023

Urgent Official Statement 
21 October 2023 

From the Eritrean Seaman Union 

 We, the Eritrean Seaman Union, issue this official statement on 21 October 2023 in response to recent statements made by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed concerning Eritrea's territorial sovereignty and its waters in the Red Sea. Recent developments in the Red Sea region, particularly Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's statements regarding the ownership of the Red Sea, have raised significant concerns for us. These statements not only raise questions about Eritrea's sovereignty in the Red Sea but also present legal and diplomatic challenges. It appears that these statements are driven by the aspiration for a 'Greater Ethiopia' and territorial unity in the Red Sea region, potentially compromising both the aspirations of Greater Ethiopia and the sovereignty of the Eritrean Red Sea. Consequently, we strongly urge all relevant parties to prioritize the sovereignty and well-being of the Eritrean Red Sea. We emphasize the importance of resolving these issues through diplomatic dialogue, adhering to the principles of international law. We call for an immediate cessation of any actions that threaten Eritrea's sovereignty. We sincerely hope that collaborative efforts will lead to a peaceful resolution, in line with international law, and respect the rights of the rightful owners of the Eritrean Red Sea. Eritrean Seaman Union

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