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Eritrean authorities release 30 Yemeni fishermen

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 17 November 2023

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Yemen.. Fishermen released after months of detention in Eritrea

The 30 released fishermen are in poor health and psychological condition, according to a local source

Last updated:November 16, 2023: 06:21 PM GST

The Eritrean authorities released about 30 Yemeni fishermen, after months of arbitrary detention on charges of illegal fishing in Eritrean territorial waters.

A local source in Al-Khokha reported that 29 Yemeni fishermen who were kidnapped by Eritrean Coast Guard forces several months ago returned to Hodeidah Governorate in poor health and psychological condition, explaining that the returnees remained detained in difficult conditions inside Eritrean prisons, while they were deprived of the most basic rights during their detention.
The source indicated that the Eritrean authorities are returning the detainees on board one boat, while the rest of the boats and fishing equipment, worth millions of riyals, are being looted.

Since the beginning of 2023, the Eritrean authorities have released more than 350 Yemeni fishermen in batches who were detained and arrested at sea during regular fishing trips carried out by Yemeni fishermen in Yemeni territorial waters and international waters.

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According to the statements of many of those released, their arrest takes place within Yemeni or international waters and not, as the Eritrean forces claim, in their territorial waters. Pointing out that the forces are chasing them and firing bullets at their boats.

They pointed out that after their detention, the forces transferred them to private prisons and forced them to work with hard labor in building housing inside the Eritrean camps, building roads, or other work without any compensation or even providing them with the necessary food, water, and health care.

    Eritrean authorities release 30 Yemeni fishermen after months of detention

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