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The nazi ideology thrives in The West.

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Date: Saturday, 02 March 2024

The nazi ideology thrives in The West.

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

It thrives so much that even Tucker Carlson and Lex Fridman can’t see and recognize the nazi ideology any more than a fish can see the water in which it lives, or than a human can see the air that the person breathes. In other words: even many intelligent individuals in The West are so oblivious to the post-WW2 enormous success, in The West, of the nazi ideologynot of the Nazi Party, but of the nazi ideology, which is imperialistic racist-fascism — after WW2, so that they are unaware of, and even deny, the fact of its success here, and they think that because imperialistic racist-fascist ideology was supposedly defeated in WW2, when the German version of it went down to defeat in 1945, imperialistic racist-fascism itself (the nazi ideology) cannot, any longer, be posing any serious threat, or doing any major harm in the world — least of all in, or coming from, The West (though Hitler was actually a product of The West and NOT of anything in Asia or otherwise “to the East” — his Nazi Party was itself PROUDLY of and from The West). However, I shall document here that they are wrong in this assumption, and that its being wrong produces wrong understandings of important current world affairs — not just by them, but widespread within The West — as I shall here document:

In an excellent interview of Tucker Carlson by Lex Fridman on February 27th, there was the following exchange, which displayed that neither Fridman nor Carlson is even aware of some extremely important and extremely relevant 20th-Century Ukrainian history — history that profoundly helps to shape Vladimir Putin’s decisions and actions regarding Ukraine — and which history they (who are very concerned about the war in Ukraine) very much OUGHT to be aware of, and so this causes them to misunderstand Putin’s actions regarding Ukraine. In the following transcript, of this part of their conversation, I am boldfacing-italicizing, for the sake of accentuating their presentation’s continuity, the core of their presentation, in order to ease the reader’s understanding of what they are saying — the case that they are presenting — so that the fundamental error in their understanding of Putin will then be able to be pointed out by me afterwards, referring to those boldfaced-italicized portions:


“Tucker Carlson: Putin, Navalny, Trump, CIA, NSA, War, Politics & Freedom | Lex Fridman Podcast #414”

Lex Fridman, 27 February 2024, 3 hours long


[FRIDMAN] What do you think of Putin saying that [a] justification


for continuing the war [in Ukraine] is denazification [of Ukraine’s government]? - [CARLSON] I thought it was one of the dumbest things I'd ever heard. I didn't understand what it meant, denazification.


- [FRIDMAN] It literally means what it sounds like. - [CARLSON] Yeah, I mean I have a lot of thoughts on this.


I hate that whole conversation because it's not real, it's just ad hominem. It's a way of associating someone with an evil regime


that doesn't exist anymore. But in point of fact, Nazism, whatever it was,


is inseparable from the German nation. It was a nationalist movement in Germany. There were no other Nazis, right?


There's no book of Nazism. I'm like, I wanna be a Nazi. What does it mean to be a Nazi? There's no idea, there's no...


I mean there's no, "Mein Kampf," is not, "Das Kapital," right? "Mein Kampf," is like, to the extent I understand it,


it's like he's about the Treaty of Versailles. Whatever, I'm very anti-Nazi. I'm merely saying there isn't a Nazi movement in 2024.


It's a way of calling people evil. Okay, Putin doesn't like nationalist Ukrainians.


Putin hates nationalism in general, which is interesting. And of course he does. He's got 80 whatever republics


and he's afraid of nationalist movements. He fought a war in Chechnya over this. So I understand it, but I have a different,


I'm for national, I'm for American nationalism, so like I disagree with Putin on that, but calling them Nazis, it's like,


I thought it was childish. - [FRIDMAN] Well, I do believe that he believes it. - [CARLSON] I agree with that.


'Cause I was listening to this because in the United States everyone's always calling everyone else a Nazi. You're a Nazi.


Okay. But I was listening to this and I was like, "This is the dumbest sort of not convincing line


you could take." And I sat there and listened to him talk about Nazis for like eight minutes. And I'm like, "I think he believes this."


- [FRIDMAN] Yeah, and I actually have had a bunch of conversations with people who are living in Russia, they also believe it.


Now there's technicalities here, which the word Nazi, the World War II is deeply in the blood


of a lot of Russians and Ukrainians. - [Tucker] I get it, I get it. - So you're using it as almost a political term, the way it's used in the United States also,


like racism and all this kind of stuff. So, you can really touch people if you use the Nazi.


- [Tucker] I think that's totally right. - But it's also to me a really like disgusting thing to do.


- [Tucker] I agree. - [FRIDMAN] Because, and also to clarify, there is neo-Nazi movements in Ukraine,


which is, they're very small. You're saying that there's this distinction between Nazi and neo-Nazi, sure.


But it's a small percentage of the population, a tiny percentage that have no power in government


as far I have seen no data to show they have any influence on Zelensky


and Zelensky government at all. So really, when Putin says denazification,


I think he means nationalist movements. -  [CARLSON] I think you're right. And I agree with everything you said,


and I do think that the war, the Second World War occupies a place in Slavic society,


Polish society, central Eastern Europe that it does not occupy in the United States. And you can just look at the death totals.


Tens of millions versus less than half a million. So it's like this eliminated a lot of the male population of these countries,


so of course it's still resonant in those countries. I get it.


I just, I think I've watched, I don't think I know I've watched the misuse of words,


weaponization of words for political reasons for so long that I just don't like, and though I do engage in it sometime, I'm sorry,


I don't like just dismissing people in a word. Oh, he's a Nazi, he's a liberal or whatever. It's like, tell me what you mean,


what don't you like about what they're doing or saying? And a Nazi especially, it's like,


I don't even know what the hell you're talking about. - [FRIDMAN] What troubled me about that is because he said that that's the primary objective currently for the war.


And that because it's not grounded in reality,


it makes it difficult to then negotiate peace because like what, what does it mean to get rid


of the Nazis in Ukraine? So like he'll come to the table and say, "Well, okay, I will agree to do ceasefire


once the Nazis are gone." Okay, so can you list the Nazis? - [CARLSON] I totally agree. Plus can you negotiate with a Nazi?


- [Lex] Right, exactly, exactly. - [CARLSON] No, I totally agree with you. - [FRIDMAN] It was very strange. But maybe it was perhaps had to do


with speaking to his own population and also probably trying to avoid the use of the word NATO


as the justification for the war. - [CARLSON] Yeah, yes, that's all... Of course, I don't know, but I suspect you're right on both counts.


But I would say it points to something that I've thought more and more since I did that interview,


which was like two weeks ago, I guess. I didn't think he was like,


as a PR guy, not very good. Like he's not good at telling his own story. The story of the current war in Ukraine


is the eastward expansion of NATO and scaring the shit outta the Russians with NATO expansion,


which is totally necessary. Doesn't help the United States. NATO itself doesn't help the United States. And so I'm not pro-Russian for saying


that I'm pro-American for saying that. And I think that's a really compelling story, 'cause it's true. He did not tell that story.


He told some other story that I didn't fully understand. Again, I'm not Russian. He's speaking to multiple audiences around the world.


I'm not sure what he hoped to achieve by that interview. I will never know. But I did think that like this guy


is not good at telling his story.


Regarding Carlson’s “There were no other Nazis, right?” it was wrong, because the ideology exists in every country, sometimes without being directly associated with Germany’s Nazi (capital “N”) Party (not merely with its (lower-case “i”) ideology; but in other instances — such as very much in Ukraine — The West is strongly supportive of, and largely even copying and employing insignia of, Germany’s Nazi Party itself (such as, for example, Ukraine’s Azov Battalion is, and Ukraine’s Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine —  renamed the “Freedom” or “Svoboda” Party, by the CIA, as a condition for America’s supporting it) is. The founder and leader of the Azov Battalion Andrei Biletsky even modelled his battalion’s “Ukrainian Social Nationalism” on Hitler’s National Socialism — i.e., on Germany’s Nazi Party. And Ukraine’s Right Sector Party is headed by Dmitriy Yarosh, who was the COO of the coup and the head of its paramilitaries who carried it out for the U.S. Government; its CEO was Andrei Parubiy, a co-founder of the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine, and he visited in DC with Congressional leaders on 25 February 2015 to lobby for more weapons.

Here is a video from the BBC interviewing some of the “far-right” fighters who had been organized (by the United States Government and its billionaires) behind the scenes of Obama’s coup which overthrew in February 2014 the neutralist Ukrainian democratically elected Government and replaced it with rabidly anti-Russian leaders who had been selected by Obama’s organizer for the coup, Victoria Nuland (shown here on 27 January 2014 instructing the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev whom to get placed in charge as soon as the coup will be completed). The Nuland-selected new leader of Ukraine did get that appointment, and then quickly replaced the top generals with ones who immediately started to plan to ethnically cleanse pro-Russians and Russian-speakers to be eliminated from Ukraine’s population so that in any subsequent ‘democratic’ election ONLY Ukrainians who supported or at least accepted this ethnic cleansing against pro-Russians would be still around to be electing future political leaders of Ukraine, so that the U.S. Government would be using Ukraine as its nearest colony to The Kremlin only 317 miles or a five-minute U.S.-missile-strike away from decapitating Russia’s central command in Moscow.

The CIA had carefully selected each one of the “far-right” (actually nazi, or racist-fascist haters of primarily Russians — even more than, as Hitler’s did, against Jews) Ukrainians, who actually carried out the U.S. take-over of Ukraine so as to use it as the springboard for a planned U.S. version of what had previously been Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa” to conquer and absorb Russia — to do, for America, what Hitler had tried but failed to do for Germany.

Here is the reality of nazism in Ukraine and its carrying-out the U.S. agenda there:

Here is yet more of that:

Here is a news-report about one of the U.S.-backed-and-funded ‘Neo-Nazi’ (i.e.: racist-fascist) organizations’ training-camp for Ukrainian children. (Where it says “A young boy holds a mock weapon and creeps behind a wooden fence as he takes part in drills at the summer camp” this “wooden fence” is shown festooned with German Nazi Party insignia but the right-wing newspaper makes no note of, nor comment about, that incredibly significant fact.) This is a multi-generational operation by the CIA going all the way back to its founding in 1947, by Harry Truman, warping FDR’s ww2-only OSS against the German nazis — against the Nazi Party, the original nazis — to become instead the newly-created U.S. regime’s coup-and-subversion machine, to grab control ultimately over the Soviet Union and now Russia, so as to achieve the world’s first all-encompassing empire. Carlson and Fridman appear to be ignorant of all of that history. Not only is Putin rational to be determined to denazify Ukraine but he’d be derelict in his duties to the Russian nation if he weren’t.

Back in the WW2 years, western Ukraine sympathized with Hitler against Stalin, but eastern Ukraine sympathized with Stalin Against Hitler; and, then, after the war, the CIA (Truman) organized the former allies of (agents for) Hitler to become funded and built as the CIA’s “Operation Gladio” (a “stay-behind army” of local nazis in Europe to assist the U.S. regime’s efforts to turn their local nation’s population against Russians and for the U.S. regime’s goal of ultimately becoming the entire world’s government — the all-encompassing U.S. empire). Promptly, the OSS agent Hugh Angleton retired and transferred to his son the CIA’s James Jesus Angleton (and his boss Alan Dulles) Hugh’s list of 3,000 ‘former’ Nazi secret agents, to become recruited and working now for ‘America’, to finish successfully what had been Hitler’s failed Operation Barbarossa campaign to conquer Russia. The cover-story for it was “anti-communism,” but the reality was imperialistic racist-fascism: though no longer in service to Germany’s Gpvernment but to America’s, and still aiming for an all-encompassing global empire —  now America’s, no longer Germany’s. And now focused as obsessively against Russians as the Nazi Party of Germany was obsessively focused against Jews.

The lower-case “nazism” is the ideology; the upper-case “Nazism” is only the German variety of that: Hitler’s political Party. (Similarly, the lower-case “fascism” is the ideology whereas the Italian variety of that is is only the Italian variety of that: Mussolini’s Fascist Party.) But the IDEOLOGY can be, and IS, active in every country, and is ultimately being funded now by U.S.-and-allied billionaires throughout the world. Although the U.S.-and-allied version of nazism is focused mainly against Russians, and the German version (its Nazi Party) was focused mainly against Jews, both are examples of imperialistic racist-fascism. This, for example, is the reason why America’s version can and does have a Jewish nazi, Volodmyr Zelensky, as the U.S.-controlled Ukrainian government’s head-of-state. And perhaps one of the reasons why Carlson and Fridman have been fooled to think that “there isn't a Nazi movement in 2024” is that today the main targets of nazis aren’t Jews — in fact, Ukraine’s nazis are primarily against Russians, and Israel’s nazis (which are almost all Israelis now) are now clearly genocidal against Gazans, if not ultimately so against all Palestinians — even in the West Bank.

Carlson’s “And I think that's a really compelling story, 'cause it's true. He did not tell that story. [1:34:32] He told some other story that I didn't fully understand.” was an important and entirely correct point: At PR, Putin is a failure. (As I had headlined on February 10th, “Putin’s PR Incompetency — the Tucker Carlson Interview as one Example”.) However, as a geo-strategist, Putin has certainly out-witted his enemies, so that — despite America’s being the masters at PR — Russia is thus far winning against the U.S. empire. (That fact makes America’s controlling aristocracy even angrier against Russia.)

The nazi ideology thrives in The West, but even many intelligent commentators in The West are unaware that it does. They focus on the nationality or religion of the imperialistic racist-fascists, or else on its primary victim-targets, instead of on the ideology itself, which is what nazism is.

To assert that the nazi ideology thrives in The West is certainly not to say that most people in Western countries are nazis. Perhaps the only country where most of the population are nazis is today’s Israel; but, for example, the voting-percentages show clearly that nazis are only between 2 to 5% of Ukraine’s population. However, since the U.S. installed that 2 to 5% into the top levels of Ukraine’s government, nazism is clearly flourishing there.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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